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  • Stair and Walk Surface Glossary of Terms

    Definitions of terms used in OSHA Standards – 29 CFR 1910 Subpart D Floor hole The floor hole: an opening that’s perfect for materials but not people to fall through. Whether you’re looking for a belt hole, pipe opening or slot opening, the floor hole is just what you need. It’s less than 12 inches […]

  • How a Catwalk Can Improve Workflow in Your Facility

    In a factory setting, the equipment can be difficult to access, leading to dangerous and/or uncomfortable working conditions. Catwalks can be a necessary solution to this problem and OSHA compliance. Upside Innovations is a stair manufacturer, and this article covers some applications and summarizes OSHA compliance requirements. Common Catwalk Applications Upside Innovation’s Catwalks Upside manufacturers […]

  • Rooftop Stairs – Non-Penetrating Roof Mounted Solutions

    Roof-top equipment requires ongoing maintenance to keep work environments totally safe. Workers accessing roof-tops to maintain equipment frequently meet accessibility challenges and obstacles such as pipes, skylights, ducts, and parapets, not to mention abundant trip and fall hazards. For roof-top accessibility and the ability to safely crossover over obstacles over 12″ height, an OSHA-compliant fixed […]

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Our team designs, manufactures, ships, and installs ADA & IBC-compliant stairs, ramps and canopies to fit YOUR custom project. Our experts will work with you throughout the project to ensure your installation is correct to your specifications and code compliant.

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