Aluminum exterior stairwell and canopy for a two story modular office

modular office stairwell and canopy

Showcasing the union of efficiency, versatility, and sustainability, this photo captures Upside Innovations' installation of a modular aluminum stairwell and weather-resistant canopy for a temporary two-story office, featuring elements that are as easy to assemble as they are to reconfigure and designed to be compliant with ADA, IBC, and OSHA standards.

The canopy, made from weather-resistant aluminum, is designed to adapt to changing applications and ensure the industry’s longest service life, with features such as an internal drainage system to divert water away from walkways and the ability to be reconfigured as needs change​​. Both the stairwell and canopy offer multiple color options for aesthetic appeal. The installation was carried out by Upside’s professional crew, ensuring the project met custom specifications and was code compliant​​. These structures, made with highly recycled content aluminum alloys, can contribute to several LEED v4.1 credits and other green building rating systems, demonstrating Upside Innovations' commitment to sustainable solutions​​.

APEX System The APEX System is a line of integrated access products that can be configured to meet the most challenging applications.

Entry Stairs

Upside Innovations offers entry stair and ramp solutions for entryways. Made from prefabricated steel, you can rest assured knowing the APEX entry stairs and ramps won't rust or warp.

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