Commercial Stairs


Prefabricated Commercial Stairs

Our APEX Commercial Stairs are prefabricated, meaning they are ready to install right away. The industrial-grade aluminum components bolt together seamlessly, providing never-ending configurations. Reduce costs and eliminate time-consuming assembly with our APEX Commercial Stair System.

Durable, Long Lifecycle

100% industrial-grade aluminum that
won’t rust, warp, or rot.

Infinite Configurations

Our modular design and experienced engineers can configure solutions for the most difficult projects.

Reach Any Height

Our team can design modular stairs to reach any height you need.

ADA & IBC Compliant

Designed to your needs. ADA, IBC, and local building codes. OSHA options are also available.

Fast Installation

Prefabricated and bolts together on-site with no welding required.

We Install

Our professional installation crew ensures that your project goes smoothly.


long lasting 100% aluminum

100% Aluminum – Long Lasting

Our aluminum commercial steps will never rust, warp, or rot.

Easy Installation

Easy Installation

Upside’s prefabricated metal stairs typically take about 1 hour to install.

traction extruded deck

Slip-Resistant Decking

We use a solid material that has raised ridges for maximum slip resistance.



Our team can design modular stairs to reach any height that you need, both indoors and outdoors.

ADA compliant

ADA & IBC Compliant

We manufacture exterior aluminum stairs and platforms that adhere to ADA Stair Code and IBC Stair Code.


Prefabricated systems are typically made with 6061 and 6063 aluminum alloys containing ≥99% and ≥50% recycled content.  Some prefabricated systems can help contribute to several LEED v4.1 credits and other green building rating systems.

custom layouts

Custom Layouts

Our team of engineers will design commercial stair layouts just for you. Professional engineer stamps are available.

Commercial Stair Specifications

HeightWe use 6″, 6.5″, or 7″ rises between the treads to reach any height
Width (Steps > 30″)48″ between the handrails, 60″ out-to-out
Width (Steps ≤ 30″)48″ between the handrails, 52″ out-to-out
Platform sizes64″ x 64″, 64″ x 96″, 72″ x 72″ (other sizes available)
Weight capacity100 lbs/sqft Live Load, 300 lbs point load over a sqft area
Tread Depth12″ (11″ + 1″ nosing)
Guardrail (Steps > 30″)42″ high
Guardrail (Steps ≤ 30″)Guardrail incorporated below handrail
Handrail36″ high
BalustersLess than 4″ apart
Weight Capacity100 lbs/sqft live load, 300 lbs point load over a sqft area
Powder Coating (Optional)Ask solutions advisor for available color options
ADA Step

Modular Commercial Stairs

Upside’s APEX stairs are engineered to integrate seamlessly with our ramps and canopies, providing a great solution for modular buildings and loading docks.

Because the APEX System is modular, ramps, stairs, and railings can be reused, added to, and reconfigured as your needs change.


How we design

Our internal engineering team designs ramp, step, and canopy systems. We collect important information like threshold height, compliance requirements, space constraints, and any existing obstacles, and we will design a layout that will fit within your footprint.