Non-penetrating commercial building rooftop stair installation

non-penetrating rooftop stair

This showcases the installation of an Upside Innovation rooftop stair product at a commercial site in Providence, RI. It was professionally installed by a local roofing contractor using non-penetrating rooftop mounts. This technique is particularly crucial as it ensures the structural integrity of the building remains uncompromised during and after installation. Such installations offer improved access to rooftop spaces and can significantly enhance the functionality of commercial buildings. The stair product itself integrates seamlessly with the existing infrastructure, demonstrating the potential of well-designed and effectively installed architectural solutions.

Upside Innovations recently undertook an important project in Providence, RI, installing an OSHA-compliant stair system for rooftop access. This installation highlights the company's commitment to providing practical and safe access solutions.

Practical Approach with Non-Penetrating Mounts

The stair installation, affixed to a maintenance room and integrating with the building's TPO membrane roof, utilized non-penetrating mounts. This choice was critical in preserving the roof's integrity, avoiding penetrations that could compromise the building's structure and waterproofing.

Collaboration for Technical Precision

A local roofing contractor, familiar with the specific challenges of rooftop construction, was involved in the installation. Their expertise ensured that the non-penetrating mounts were installed effectively, maintaining the roof’s condition and ensuring long-term durability.

Improved Rooftop Access

This stair system provides essential access to the building’s rooftop, an area often difficult to reach. The installation makes it safer and more convenient for maintenance and other necessary rooftop activities, addressing a common challenge in commercial building management.

Exceptional Durability of Aluminum in Harsh Conditions

A key component of the rooftop stair installation in Providence, RI, by Upside Innovations is the use of high-grade aluminum. This material choice is particularly significant given the challenging weather conditions often experienced in Rhode Island.

Withstanding Rhode Island's Harsh Elements

Rhode Island's climate can present a variety of harsh elements, from salty coastal air to heavy snow and rain. Aluminum, known for its natural resistance to corrosion and rust, is an ideal material for such conditions. Unlike other metals that might degrade or weaken over time when exposed to moisture and salt, aluminum maintains its structural integrity and appearance.

Long-Term Stability and Low Maintenance

The aluminum used in the stair installation is not only sturdy but also requires minimal maintenance. This durability ensures that the stair system will remain safe and functional for years to come, without the need for frequent repairs or replacements. It’s a cost-effective solution considering the long-term savings in maintenance and repair costs.

Sustainability in Material Choice

Aluminum is also a sustainable choice. Its longevity means fewer resources are needed over the life of the stair system. Moreover, aluminum is recyclable, which aligns with modern environmental considerations and sustainability goals.

Ensuring Safety and Reliability

The strength of aluminum is a critical factor in the safety of the stair system. It can withstand the weight of multiple users and harsh environmental conditions without compromising its stability. This reliability is essential for a rooftop access solution, where safety and structural soundness are paramount.

Rooftop Stairs

Our ready-to-install rooftop stairs are made from industrial-grade components that bolt together for easy installation without needing special tools or equipment. Say goodbye to time-consuming engineering, welding, and custom fabrication.

Because our rooftop access stairs are modular and made from lightweight, high-quality aluminum, no lift or crane is required for installation, and each component can be carried up to the roof. They are designed to meet your specifications, including OSHA code-compliancy. Many options are available to ensure that you require ADA, IBC, or any other local building code.

non penetrating rooftop stairs

While steel is known to rust and corrodes over time, especially in harsh weather conditions, aluminum is maintenance-free. Lighter construction also means less weight eliminating distribution complications common on roof-top installation.

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