Walkway Canopy Installation at a Juvenile Detention Center in Tampa, FL

modular canopy installation

This APEX walkway canopy system was installed at a juvenile detention center in Tampa, FL to provide weather protection while entering the facility.

Upside Innovations' APEX walkway canopy system was selected to be used for this 180 foot walkway canopy at a juvenile detention center in Tampa, FL. The facility was looking for way to connect a brick and mortar building to a couple of modular buildings within the facility and the APEX aluminum walkway canopy met the need. Half of the posts were installed directly on the concrete sidewalk and the other half was installed on poured footers.

Walkway Canopies

We manufacture and install covered walkway canopy systems to keep sidewalks dry. We will design a custom, prefabricated canopy to fit your application. Whether your canopy is for a 10’ walkway or 500’ walkway, our engineering team has got you covered. Common applications include schools, hospitals, restaurants, parks, and university campuses.

With a modular design, all walkway canopies have built-in gutters. Using canopy posts as downspouts, water drains from post outlets, smartly channeling water away from the walkway. An integrated deflector located in the post outlet controls the water flow.

Built with 100% industrial grade aluminum, our canopies and posts will not rust, deform or rot.

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