Truck loading stairs at wastewater treatment plant

Metal safety stairs installation for loading and unloading chemicals at a Waste Water Treatment Plant

An OSHA-compliant stair and loading platform system at a wastewater treatment plant. Constructed with industrial-grade aluminum for durable, chemical-resistant, and safe unloading of chemicals from semi-trucks.

Industrial Grade Solutions for Challenging Environments – Upside Innovations, a leader in designing and installing safe access solutions, has recently completed a significant project at a wastewater treatment plant. This project involved configuring and installing an OSHA-compliant stair and loading platform system for the unloading of chemicals from semi trucks.

Tailored for Wastewater Treatment Facilities

Wastewater treatment plants are complex facilities that manage and treat sewage and industrial waste. These plants require specialized equipment and infrastructure to handle harsh chemicals and heavy loads safely. Upside Innovations' installation addresses these needs by providing a sturdy, safe, and efficient unloading platform.

Industrial-Grade Aluminum: Perfect for Harsh Conditions

The choice of industrial-grade aluminum for the stairs and platform is pivotal. Aluminum's inherent resistance to rust and corrosion makes it ideal for the challenging environment of a wastewater treatment plant, where exposure to harsh chemicals is a constant. This durability ensures the long-term integrity and safety of the installation, even in the most demanding conditions.

Enhanced Safety for Chemical Unloading

Safety is paramount when handling and unloading chemicals. The OSHA-compliant design of the stairs and platform by Upside Innovations ensures that workers have a secure and stable environment for these operations. The design meets the highest safety standards, reducing the risk of accidents during the unloading process.

A Step Forward in Operational Efficiency

The installation of this stair and platform system not only enhances safety but also improves the efficiency of operations at the wastewater treatment plant. The easy access provided by the stairs and the robust platform facilitates quicker and more efficient unloading of chemicals from semi trucks, streamlining the workflow.

Long-Lasting and Low-Maintenance Solution

The use of aluminum not only provides strength and resistance to chemical corrosion but also offers the benefit of low maintenance. Unlike other materials that may require frequent upkeep or replacement in such environments, aluminum stands the test of time with minimal maintenance needs.

In summary, the stair and loading platform installation by Upside Innovations at the wastewater treatment plant exemplifies their commitment to providing solutions that are safe, durable, and tailored to the specific needs of industrial environments. This project is a testament to their ability to deliver functional and long-lasting access solutions for complex industrial applications.


Upside’s OSHA-compliant Crossover Stair is a durable and versatile solution for wastewater treatment plants. Designed for the complex environment of these facilities, it allows for safe navigation over pipes and retaining walls.

Rendering of an APEX crossover stairs

The industrial-grade aluminum construction provides resilience against corrosive conditions, while grip strut and fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) decking offer superior slip resistance. Its modular design facilitates easy installation and reconfiguration, ensuring efficient access with minimal disruption to operations.


Upside’s Maintenance Platforms and Catwalks offer a practical and safe solution for routine tasks in wastewater treatment facilities. Built from sturdy, industrial-grade aluminum, these OSHA-compliant structures are designed to withstand harsh environments.

work platform

The catwalks and platforms provide secure and efficient access to tanks and equipment, facilitating routine checks and maintenance tasks. The slip-resistant grip strut and fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) decking ensure a secure footing, even in wet conditions. With a modular design for easy installation and adjustment, our platforms and catwalks optimize accessibility and operational efficiency, simplifying maintenance processes in your facility.

Power Generator Access Stairs

Our Backup Power Generator Access Stairs and Platforms are a robust and convenient solution for ensuring safe and secure access to backup power systems. These OSHA-compliant structures, made from industrial-grade aluminum, are designed to endure challenging conditions while providing a steady and reliable access point.


With slip-resistant grip strut and fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) decking, they offer a secure foothold, enhancing safety during maintenance or emergency operations. Their modular design allows for easy installation and adjustment, supporting efficient access and operation, thereby ensuring that your backup power systems remain readily accessible and fully functional at all times.


Canopies offer sturdy and reliable weather protection for operators and workers in your facility. Constructed from long-lasting, rust-resistant aluminum, these canopies are specifically designed to shield control cabinets and workers from the elements. Weather-resistant and low-maintenance, they provide protection against rain, sun, and other adverse conditions, enhancing both equipment longevity and worker comfort.

The modular design integrates with our stair products and facilitates easy installation and adjustment, allowing the canopies to adapt to changing needs. With Upside Innovations’ Canopies, your personnel and equipment receive reliable protection, promoting uninterrupted operations regardless of the weather.


Loading Dock and Access Stairs, along with our Semi Steps, provide the ultimate solution for safe and efficient chemical transfer and general access needs at your facility. Crafted from robust, industrial-grade aluminum, these OSHA-compliant access solutions are designed to endure the high-intensity demands of loading docks and truck trailer unloading operations.

Our Semi Steps are portable and mobile, allowing for adaptable access solutions based on the varying heights of truck trailers. Both the Loading Dock Stairs and Semi Steps feature slip-resistant grip strut and fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) decking for enhanced safety, particularly during the handling of chemicals. Their modular, easy-to-install design enables quick adjustments to support an efficient flow of materials and personnel. With Upside Innovations’ Loading Dock and Access Stairs and Semi Steps, the transfer of chemicals from trucks becomes safer and more efficient, driving overall productivity in your facility.


Our Stair Towers provide a secure and efficient solution for accessing high-level areas in facilities such as the tops of large tanks, or as secondary exits. Constructed from industrial-grade aluminum, these OSHA-compliant towers are built to withstand demanding conditions.

The towers feature slip-resistant grip strut and fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) decking, ensuring a secure foothold for enhanced safety. Designed with a modular approach, our stair towers allow for easy installation and adjustments, ensuring consistent access and safety for your operations. Whether it’s routine tank maintenance or providing additional exit routes, Upside Innovations’ Stair Towers meet your facility’s access needs.

roof access stairs

Industrial Stairs

Made from 100% industrial-grade aluminum, Upside's OSHA industrial stairs won’t rust, rot, or warp. They also meet OSHA codes, with an IBC-compliant option available. The stairs come prefabricated to bolt together on-site, so there is no need for welding.

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