Stair Tower and Platform Installation For Department Of Veteran Affairs

stair tower and platform installation

The Upside APEX Stair system was used for A/C maintenance at this modular complex at the Department of Veterans Affairs.

After completing a project at the VA in Iowa, the Department of VA asked our modular construction customer to give them a simple way to service the air conditioner units on the rear of the complex. Upside Innovations used a combination of the ADA APEX step system and our OSHA APEX step system to provide that safe access while servicing the units. The picture above shows the ADA APEX step since this unit is also near a public door. The rest of the complex had OSHA style steps up to the AC units.

HVAC Stair & Platform

Our durable APEX HVAC access stairs have a modular design that is prefabricated and install-ready. The 100% industrial-grade aluminum will never warp, rust, or rot.

Upside Innovations' modular HVAC access stairs, platform landings, legs, and handrails bolt together without any on-site welding.

The HVAC Access Platform & Stairs comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and International Building Code (IBC) and can meet local building codes.

APEX HVAC stairs are standard with an aggressive, heavy-duty 3” channel grip strut grating that provides maximum, multi-directional slip resistance. Other decking options are also available.

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Maintenance Platform

Our APEX Maintenance Platforms come prefabricated and ready to install. The industrial-grade aluminum components conveniently bolt together to allow for many different configurations. This removes any need for custom fabrication, welding, and time-consuming engineering, reducing costs, installation time, and complexity.

As the manufacturer, we can design maintenance and work platforms to your specifications, however unique. Because units are prefabricated and bolt together, stairs and platforms come ready to install without needing special tools or equipment.

Our team of engineers will design a maintenance platform layout just for you, and professional engineer stamps are available.

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