Enhancing Data Center Accessibility: OSHA-Compliant Roof Access Stair Tower

Roof Access OMNI Stair Tower

OSHA-compliant roof access stair tower with grip strut decking at a key data center in Boston

This state-of-the-art facility, a strategic hub for technology, scientific research, and finance, represents the digital economy's driving force in the northeast.

Custom Access for Critical Infrastructure

Our custom-designed stair tower, complete with three landings and grip strut decking, exemplifies our commitment to providing specialized access solutions for data centers. This installation is particularly crucial for the Boston data center, which plays a pivotal role in connecting customers to global leaders in various industries.

Seamless Integration in a High-Tech Environment

The roof access stair tower was engineered to meet the unique needs of the data center's infrastructure, ensuring safe and efficient access to essential rooftop equipment. Our expertise in crafting stairs and platforms for generators, HVAC units, and other critical equipment was a key factor in this project's success.

Expertise in Data Center Access Solutions

At Upside Innovations, we understand the vital role data centers play in today's digital landscape. Our team of designers and engineers specializes in creating bespoke access solutions for air handling and generator platforms, catering to the specific requirements of indoor, outdoor, and temperature-controlled environments.

Compliant and Customizable Options

We are adept at navigating the challenges of tight, space-constrained areas, delivering solutions that not only comply with OSHA and IBC standards but also align with the functional needs of data centers.

Building Future-Ready Access Solutions

The Boston data center project underscores our ability to develop compliant, efficient access solutions for the nation's most critical digital infrastructures. As more information moves to digital storage, the importance of secure and reliable data center operations escalates. Upside Innovations is at the forefront of providing the necessary access solutions to support these vital facilities.

Rooftop Stairs

Our ready-to-install rooftop stairs are made from industrial-grade components that bolt together for easy installation without needing special tools or equipment. Say goodbye to time-consuming engineering, welding, and custom fabrication.

Because our rooftop access stairs are modular and made from lightweight, high-quality aluminum, no lift or crane is required for installation, and each component can be carried up to the roof. They are designed to meet your specifications, including OSHA code-compliancy. Many options are available to ensure that you require ADA, IBC, or any other local building code.

non penetrating rooftop stairs

While steel is known to rust and corrodes over time, especially in harsh weather conditions, aluminum is maintenance-free. Lighter construction also means less weight eliminating distribution complications common on roof-top installation.

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Stair Towers

Designed to meet your exact specifications, our APEX Stair Tower System comes prefabricated to bolt together on-site. There is no need for welding, and our team can design the stair tower to reach any height required. Our professional installation crew is on hand to ensure your project goes as smoothly as possible.

Because our APEX stair tower system is modular, ramps, stairs and railings can be reused or reconfigured as your needs change. Modular stair towers, platform landings, legs, and handrails bolt together without any on-site welding.

Upsideā€™s APEX stairs are engineered to integrate with our ramps and canopies seamlessly and make a great solution for modular buildings

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