Canopies & Awnings

Commercial Quality | Color Options | Internal Drainage

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Custom Design

We can design a walkway or canopy to meet your unique application.

Long Product Lifecycle

Aluminum construction will never rust and are low-maintenance.

Color Options

Many color options to match your property aesthetic. White is standard.

Internal Drainage

Our internal drainage system is discreet and keeps entryway or walkway safe by diverting water.

We Install

Ensure your project goes smoothly with our professional installation crew.


We will design a custom, prefabricated canopy to fit your application whether it is a 10-foot walkway or 500-foot walkway.

Tell us about your project.

We will figure out the best design for the application.


Upside’s awnings and canopies systems are designed internally by our experienced engineering team and can be customized for any application.

Wheelchair ramp configurations


  • BIM/CAD Files
  • Product Info & Tech Specs
  • Specifications (CSI Spec)
  • Elevation/Plan Views
  • Cut sheets
ADA ramp dimensions