Cummins Generator Stair & Platform Installation

Platform installation for Generators

These APEX Steps and Platform were installed to hold two Generators at Comcast Telecommunications Company in Philadelphia.

Comcast is the second-largest broadcasting and cable television provider in the world. As the largest home internet service provider, the company markets its cable, internet, telephone, and wireless services under the Xfinity label. Comcast is headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The facility features two large Cummins generators.

Cummins offers a full line of power system products, including diesel and gas-powered generator sets, alternators, diesel engines, generator-drive engines, and integrated power systems. Given this diverse product line, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for generator access stairs. Upside Innovations’ APEX system features modular components that allow for a potentially unlimited number of configurations, making it the perfect solution for providing safe and efficient access to Cummins generators.

Apex system components easily bolt together, eliminating the need for custom welding and time-consuming and costly engineering. 100% industrial-grade aluminum means that generator access stairs and platforms will not rust, warp, or rot, allowing them to withstand the elements and the tests of time. Our generator access stairs and platforms are OSHA-compliant. They feature heavy-duty railings and 3” channel grip strut grating that offers an uncompromised slip-resistant surface.

Upside Innovations’ generator access stairs can reach any height and the platform can be customized to fit any configuration. The two Cummins generators at the Comcast headquarters were slightly elevated and were positioned several feet apart from each other. It was important to give workers access to all sides of the generators.

The Upside Innovations’ team designed the perfect solution. A single set of stairs leads up to the generator access platform. The platform not only extends several feet around the outer edges of the generators, but it allows workers to easily service both generators at the same time without having to move their tools and equipment. The flexibility offered by the APEX system makes it the perfect access solution for all Cummins brand generators.

Generator Access Stairs

Our prefabricated Generator platforms and stairs are ready to install and composed of industrial-grade aluminum components. The components bolt together, allowing for the possibility of endless configurations. Say goodbye to custom fabrication, welding, and time-consuming engineering to reduce costs, installation time, and complexity.

APEX generator platform stairs are standard with an aggressive, heavy-duty 3” channel grip strut grating that provides maximum, multi-directional slip resistance. Other decking options are available.

The APEX Generator Access Stairs meet OSHA codes and have an IBC-compliant option. Due to the modular design, and our experienced engineers, the stairs can reach any height you need. Made from 100% industrial-grade aluminum, our generator access stairs will not rust, warp, or rot.

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Maintenance Platform

Our APEX Maintenance Platforms come prefabricated and ready to install. The industrial-grade aluminum components conveniently bolt together to allow for many different configurations. This removes any need for custom fabrication, welding, and time-consuming engineering, reducing costs, installation time, and complexity.

As the manufacturer, we can design maintenance and work platforms to your specifications, however unique. Because units are prefabricated and bolt together, stairs and platforms come ready to install without needing special tools or equipment.

Our team of engineers will design a maintenance platform layout just for you, and professional engineer stamps are available.

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