Long Switchback Wheelchair Ramp for Modular Construction Building

Switchback Ramp for Modular Construction Building

This is a panoramic view of a Long Switchback Wheelchair Ramp. It was installed for a Construction site in Oregon.

Upside Innovation prefabricated wheelchair ramps made entirely of 100% aluminum give people of all abilities safe access. Our ramps are ADA compliant with a maximum slope of 1:12 and a minimum width of 36 inches and are manufactured to meet or exceed all ADA criteria and include railings on both sides. They are composed of high-quality aluminum components.

The strength and durability of Upside Innovation's aluminum ramps are one of its main advantages. Aluminum is a great material for outdoor use since it is lightweight and resistant to corrosion. It is also simple to maintain because it doesn't require regular painting or other upkeep.

Our ramps are prefabricated and built of 100% aluminum and modular. As a result, they are made to be versatile and adaptable to diverse locations and are simple to install on-site. Our ramps are a practical and affordable solution for various applications because they are simple to disassemble and carry.

Our aluminum wheelchair ramps are the ideal option for any building or structure that needs to provide secure and practical access for individuals with disabilities. We are confident that our ramps will satisfy the requirements of all customers, whether you need a permanent or temporary ramp solution, and we are dedicated to offering the greatest standard of customer care and support. So be sure to think of Upside Innovation as your first choice if you require an ADA-compliant wheelchair ramp.

Wheelchair Ramps

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APEX ADA-compliant wheelchair and access ramps feature modular components that bolt together. The solution eliminates custom fabrication, code compliance issues, and time-consuming engineering while reducing costs, installation time, and complexity. Weather-resistant aluminum can be reconfigured to adapt to changing applications or remobilizations and ensure the industry’s longest service life.

The APEX System is a line of integrated access products that can be configured to meet the most challenging applications.

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