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Industrial loading dock stairs with continuous handrails rendering

Loading Dock Stairs

05 5110 – Metal Stairs

Exterior steps for warehouses and distribution centers that will never rust, warp, or rot. Our products are always OSHA compliant so that employees can safely enter and exit the loading dock area.

Commercial Steps

05 5110 – Metal Stairs

We will manufacture and install prefab commercial stairs for your project. Our aluminum steps are always ADA and/or IBC compliant to make sure that your public entrance passes inspection.


05 5120 – Access Ramps

Upside’s all-aluminum wheelchair ramp systems are prefabricated with high tensile strength and maintenance-free properties making it the ideal solution for any commercial application. Bolts together for fast install and easy installation… no welding. Designed by our experienced engineering team, they can be customized for any type of installation and are compliant to ADA and IBC specifications.

Rendering of white aluminum awning with hanger rods

Commercial Awnings

10 7110 – Exterior Sun Control Devices

Upside Innovations manufactures commercial cantilever canopies with hanger rods to keep your entryways dry. We can design any length that you require whether it is for a single door or the whole side of a loading dock.

Walkway & Entrance Canopy

Covered Walkway Canopies

10 7110 – Exterior Sun Control Devices

We manufacture and install the covered walkway canopy systems to keep sidewalks dry. We will design a custom, prefabricated canopy to fit your application whether it is a 10-foot walkway or 500-foot walkway. Common applications include schools, hospitals, restaurants, parks, and university campuses.