Training – Frequently Asked Questions

Can you provide a quote?

Thank you for your interest in Upside Innovations products. I’m here to assist you in getting a quote for the solutions you need. Our products are modular and can be customized to suit your project’s needs.

To provide you with an accurate quote, we’ll need a few more details:

  1. Product Specifications: What specific product are you interested in? (e.g., ADA ramps, stairs, awnings, etc.)
  2. Dimensions and Features: Are there any specific dimensions or features you require? For instance, the height of stairs or any customizations.
  3. Usage Context: Will the product be used in a commercial, industrial, or another type of setting? This helps us ensure compliance with relevant standards.
  4. Quantity: How many units are you considering?
  5. Shipping Location: Could you provide the zip code for where the product will be shipped? This helps in estimating shipping costs.

Once I have these details, we can have a representative quickly provide you with a preliminary quote. If you have any specific requirements or questions, feel free to ask, and I’ll do my best to assist you!

To get a quote please call us at 513-866-2314

Do you supply ADA compliant ramps?

Yes, all of our ramp products are built to both ADA and IBC code compliance

Does Upside Innovations utilizes Flatbed services for the shipping of inbound or outbound products?

Upside Innovations will use the mode of transportation that best fits the type of order and the customers needs. This includes flatbeds, hotshots or LTL.

What Information Do I Need to Provide for a Custom Product?

Answer: For custom products, please specify the exact requirements such as size, material preferences, any specific compliance needs (e.g., ADA, OSHA), and the context in which the product will be used. The more details you provide, the more accurate our customization can be.

Are Your Products Compliant with ADA and OSHA Regulations?

Answer: Yes, we offer products that are compliant with ADA and OSHA standards. Please specify your compliance requirements when requesting a quote or information.

How Long Does It Take to Receive a Product?

Answer: The delivery time varies based on the product, customization, and your location. Once we have your order details, we can provide an estimated delivery timeline.

Do You Offer Installation Services?

Answer: Currently, we focus on manufacturing and supplying the products. We can provide guidance on installation but do not offer installation services directly.

Can I Modify an Order After Placing It?

Answer: Depending on the stage of the order, modifications may be possible. Please contact us as soon as possible if you need to change your order.

What Shipping Options Are Available?

Answer: We offer various shipping options, which can be discussed when finalizing your order. The cost and delivery time will depend on the chosen method and your location.

Do You Provide Warranties for Your Products?

Answer: Yes, we offer warranties on our products. The specific terms vary depending on the product type. Please ask for detailed warranty information for the product you’re interested in.

How Can I Find Out More About Product Specifications?

Answer: Detailed product specifications can be provided upon request. Please let us know which product you’re interested in, and we’ll supply all the necessary information.

What Payment Methods Do You Accept?

Answer: We accept various payment methods, including major credit cards, bank transfers, and purchase orders for verified clients. Please contact us for more details regarding payment options.

Are these considered temporary or permanent structures?

Great question, it highlights the versatility of the Upside Innovations product line. Our product can be a permanent solution or due to its modular bolt together design can easily be disassemble like a temporary system. What would be a good time and the best number to reach you at for a quick chat so we can learn a little more about your project? I would love to help you determine if Upside will be a good fit.

Do your products come fully assembled or do they need to be assembled in the field?

Depending on the product it could be fully or partially assembled. If I can have someone jump on a quick call with you we can explain in more detail.

Can you fabricate stairs with diamond treads and closed risers?

Yes, that is part of our current product offering. I would love to lean more about your project to see if what we manufacture would be a good fit.

Can you fabricate fully galvanized stairs?

Yes, that is part of our current product offering. I would love to lean more about your project to see if what we manufacture would be a good fit. What’s the best number to reach you at?

Can your commercial stairs be used for residential purposes?

There could be certain code restrictions, could we jump on a quick call so I can lean a little more about the application? what’s the best number to reach you at?

Do you refer to the MP series Mobile work platform as stairs or ladder?

The MP unit incorporates our standard 9” rise over 9.5” run stair unit so it would be considered a mobile stair unit, and it meets the OSHA requirements for a mobile stair.

What is the maximum number of risers to landing?

The maximum risers to a landing on the ErectAStep industrial series is 15, I would like to know a little more about your project as other systems we offer have different rise and run and that number could vary. If possible we like help our customers select the very best solution we offer for their project, what’s the best number and time to reach you for a quick call?

Is there a financing option when purchasing your products?

Financing is available for certain types of projects and equipment. We would like to learn more about your project to make sure that we get you the best options. When would you be available for a quick chat by phone? Just shoot me the best number to reach you at and we’ll give you a ring.

How can I do fixation of your structure?

Fixation can be done in many ways depending on the surface you are attaching to. There are other variables as well depending on the configuration and even location. Lets talk about your project and I’ll get your question answered as it applies to you. What’s the best number and time to reach you?

Are ErectaStep and RollaStep the same company and what’s the difference?

Yes, they are two brands under the same umbrella. One provides fixed solutions and the other rolling solutions. Lets talk about which one might work best for you. What’s the best number and time to reach you?

Do you have a video for G Series self-leveling model?

We can provide you with a short video, could we have a quick chat by phone to make sure it meets the requirements you’re looking for? What’s the best number and time to reach you?

How do I adjust my swing gate?

Our YellowGate can be adjusted in few different ways, we’ll be happy to give you a call and help you with the adjustment. What’s the best number to reach you at?

Do you have any manual/guide/instructions online to help me adjust my swing gate?

We have a short installation video on our website ( but it doesn’t go into detail on adjustment. Let’s have a quick call and we’ll get you the information you need. What’s the best number to reach you at?

Do you do double side metal with l brackets for treads with open riser?

We have the capability to do most anything. We are very interested in your project and would like to learn more about it. What is the best number to contact you at?

What is the minimum tread depth?

That depends on the application and what codes you are expected to meet. Best if we have a quick phone call, what is the best number to reach you at?

How is tread depth measured?

Tread depth is measured a couple of ways depending on the codes you are required to meet but typically from the leading edge of the tread above to the nose of the tread below. I would like to get more information about your project to better advise, when would be a good time to call and do you have a preferred number to reach you at?

Do you do repairs?

Possibly, was the equipment manufactured by us?

Repairs – Yes Manufactured by EAS

Thank you. Briefly tell me how the equipment was damaged and I will get a specialist assigned to assess whether a repair is structurally an option.

Repairs- Not manufactured by EAS

We do not repair equipment by others but would like the opportunity to provide a quote to replace the damaged equipment. It could me more cost effective and safer that way, how soon do you need this project completed?

What code describes stair platform dimension requirements in commercial buildings where they are used for sheltering in place?

If there is a specific code required by the state or local code enforcement that is a condition for purchase please let us know and we can research to see if we meet that code already or are willing to manufacture to that spec.

Can I galvanize the metal if it is already powder coated?

No, you can not galvanize the metal if it is already powder coated. The decision to powder coat or galvanize is made in advance of the product being manufactured.

Do you provide downloadable Cad files?

We can provide cad files if needed, they are usually provided after we receive the order during the approval stage.

Are installations possible?

Yes. We, Erectastep, through our distributor partners, can configure and provide installation in most cases.

Do you make ramps follow up answer

Great, unfortunately that is not my area of expertise but we have team members that specialize in that area. I will get them in touch with you a.s.a.p. is the information you provided the best way to contact you?

Per OSHA, what is maximum height stairs can go without a landing?

The maximum height is 12’ or 15 steps that can be achieved a couple of ways its best if a we get a little more information about the project. Let me get one of our ErectaStep specialist to explain, would you prefer them to reach you by phone or email?

What is the maximum span of a bridge with four foot stairs up at each end for the industrial

6-step crossover stairs. How many sections long can it be

Erectastep’s standard product can span 9’ or three platforms without needing additional support between stair components. However, if more span is needed we do have a solution for that we just need to get a few more details about your project.

What is the weight of the direct entry, OSHA compliant steps?

Depending on the size of the stair component that will vary. Example a 1step stair weighs 47lbs and a 6 step stair weighs 167lbs. Stair components can be combined up to 15steps. Once we have a complete picture of what you need we can give you a more specific weight estimate.

Are the platforms height adjustable?

Erectastep is manufactured in 9” height increments, most installers adjust the heights in between by adjusting the foundations. If that’s not possible we can custom make to size but first let me get you in touch with a specialist to make sure that’s necessary

Can I use these stairs on my mobile home?

Erectastep dose make a IBC platform that could work for you mobile home. Erectastep is a heavy duty product originally engineered for industrial or commercial applications so it will be more expensive than typical mobile home stairs. I will be happy to get one of our platform and stair specialist to give you a call and discuss whether or not we would be a good fit, what is the best number to reach you at?

How weight can this product support (Industrial 6-Step Crossover Stairs)?

Erectastep is a modular system so the total weight it will support will depend on the overall size of the system. Our standard product will support 50lbs per square foot or 450lbs per 3’x3’ platform. We also have a heavy duty version that will double the load capacity if needed. I will be happy to get one of our platform and stair specialist to give you a call and discuss whether or not we would be a good fit, what is the best number to reach you at?

Can you design something for outdoors that is durable for snow?

Erectastep is perfect for outdoors for many reasons, aluminum construction that doesn’t rust, aggressive slip resistant walk surface for sure footing and many more. What is the most important requirement for you to consider a platform or stair system to purchase?

Follow Up: What is the most important requirement for you to consider a platform or stair system to purchase?

Great!! I will be happy to get one of our platform and stair specialist to give you a call and discuss whether or not we would be a good fit, what is the best number to reach you at?

Can you design something with a porch 12’x12′?

Erectastep has the capability to manufacture most any solution. Let me get a specialist to contact you to get the specifics of your project so we can determine if our standard product will work or if a custom solution would work better. What’s the best number to reach you at?

Distributor Partner Follow up response to no I don’t have preferred vendor

That’s no problem! The territory manager will reach out to you soon to gather any additional information needed to get your request for a Quote or Information to the best distributor partner for you project. Please let me know if you would like me to add any special notes to my request and I will send it high priority.

Distributor partner follow up response to yes I have preferred vendor

Great! They could be one of our partners. Let me add this to my notes for the territory manager that will be getting in touch with you soon.

Who are your distributor partners ?

We have numerous distributor partners in the US and abroad. We like to match them to your opportunity based on distributor’s area of focus and what is easiest for you. Do you have a preferred vendor for this type of equipment?

Do you ship internationally?

Yes we do ship internationally.

Do we ship to Canada

Yes we ship to Canada virtually every week and probably have stocking distributors near you!

Do you have a configurator customers can use?

Our configurator is designed with many engineering rules and design possibilities and for that reason, it’s best used in the hands of our trained staff and distributors. We are more than glad to come to your site and assess your needs and help collaborate in real time with the configurator at no cost or obligation to you

Do you make ramps?

Yes, we make ramps. Is this for industrial or residential use?

Do you have scaffolding?

No we are a replacement for scaffolding.

What is the price for item “X”?

We work with distributor partners who will happy to provide you with a price. We know your time is valuable so we like to make sure the product you’re inquiring on is a good fit, could you tell me a little more about the application?

What is the lead time for item “X”?

Roll A Step is 21 working days, PerfectAStep varies with complexity, standard ErectAStep can usually ship in the next day or two.

Can you customize item “X”? Smaller, taller, wider, ect.

Sure we can, the lead time will be somewhat longer, it just depends on what we will be customizing.

What is the difference between OSHA and IBC standards?

OSHA and IBC are two different standards, what kind of application are you working on so we can further discuss which standard we need to apply.

Does item “X” come in Steel?

Our standard material of construction is aluminum, but Erect A Step is available in galvanized or stainless steel, depending on your project and where it will be going aluminum may work just as good or better and will ship much quicker. How soon do you need product on site?

What is the load rating for item “X”?

For the standard ErectAStep aluminum platform, the load rating is 50 lbs. per square foot or 450lbs. However, we do have the capabilities to handle more do you need a higher load rating?

Do you rent items “X”?

We do not offer rentals at this time. The bolt together nature of the system does allow for relatively easy set up and break down if that’s what you’re after?

How much does item “X” weigh?

I will be happy to look that up once we have all the parts we need. Could you tell me a little more about the solution you have in mind?

Can you provide CAD models?

CAD Models can be made available, is there a specific reason you need them? The reason I ask is our standard drawings that we provide with our quote usually satisfy most customer’s needs.

Do you do installation?

We do not provide installation; however, ErectAStep is sold through our distribution partners and many of them do provide installation or work closely with mechanical contractors. In selecting the right partner to provide you with a quote how important is installation?