Modular Learning Pod with Wheelchair Ramp Installation

modular learning pod wheelchair ramp

A modular learning pod equipped with a custom-designed wheelchair ramp by Upside Innovations, showcasing Upside's accessibility solutions in educational environments.

Client: Meadowview Christian Academy in Partnership with Central Susquehanna Intermediate Unit

Meadowview Christian Academy, in collaboration with Central Susquehanna Intermediate Unit, required a small, single classroom to provide educational services to children in an offsite location. The challenge was to create a cost-effective, efficient solution without disrupting the active school site.

Upside Innovations' Solution

Upside Innovations, leveraging our expertise in accessibility solutions, partnered with Modular Genius to enhance this modular learning pod. Our focus was on ensuring seamless access for all students, including those with mobility challenges.

Project Details

  • Size: 250 square feet
  • Features: Custom-designed wheelchair ramp for easy access
  • Compliance: Met stringent local codes for safety and accessibility
  • Installation: Coordinated with the client’s facility department for after-hours installation to minimize disruption

Client Feedback

Meadowview Christian Academy expressed high satisfaction with our streamlined process, effective communication, and the quality of both the modular building and the wheelchair ramp installation. Our commitment to meeting client requirements and ensuring minimal disruption was highly appreciated.


This project exemplifies Upside Innovations' dedication to providing accessible, efficient solutions for educational environments. Our collaboration with Modular Genius highlights our ability to meet specific client needs while adhering to budget and time constraints.

This project was constructed by Modular Genius, a valued customer of Upside Innovations. For more details on the original project, please visit their project profile.

Wheelchair Ramps

wheelchair ramp example

APEX ADA-compliant wheelchair and access ramps feature modular components that bolt together. The solution eliminates custom fabrication, code compliance issues, and time-consuming engineering while reducing costs, installation time, and complexity. Weather-resistant aluminum can be reconfigured to adapt to changing applications or remobilizations and ensure the industry’s longest service life.

The APEX System is a line of integrated access products that can be configured to meet the most challenging applications.

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