Generac Generator Stair Platform Installation

Generac generator stair platform

Generac Generator Stair Platform Installation

Generac Industrial Power was founded in 1959. Over the past five decades, the company has grown into one of the largest suppliers of power generation equipment in North America. Their product line includes automatic transfer switches, diesel, natural gas, and bi-fuel generators, and accessories that are designed for commercial and industrial-sized applications.

Generac’s diesel-powered generators provide an efficient fuel option for large backup power applications. The generators range in size from 10 kW-30 kW to over 1250 kW. A customer with one of Generac’s larger diesel-fuel generators recently contacted Upside Innovations to inquire about generator access stairs.

The generator featured several large access doors that were located several feet off the ground. Workers were required to stand on ladders when servicing the generator. This was both unsafe and inefficient – workers had to continuously stop work to retrieve tools. The customer sought OSHA-compliant generator access stairs that are designed to integrate seamlessly with Generac generators.

Upside Innovations proudly manufactures and installs modular prefabricated aluminum generator access stairs that eliminate the need for custom welding and time-consuming engineering. Since the components are modular, our experienced engineers can create an unlimited number of configurations to accommodate the entire Generac product line as well as any space constraints. Upside’s generator access stairs feature heavy-duty railings, 3” channel grip strut grating, and wide platforms that allow workers to move freely while servicing Generac generators.

The Upside engineering team designed and installed a wraparound solution that sits perfectly on top of the curb surrounding the generator. A single flight of stairs leads up to the platform. The platform is surrounded by heavy-duty railings and is wide enough to allow the generator access doors to fully open while being serviced by workers.

Generator Access Stairs

Our prefabricated Generator platforms and stairs are ready to install and composed of industrial-grade aluminum components. The components bolt together, allowing for the possibility of endless configurations. Say goodbye to custom fabrication, welding, and time-consuming engineering to reduce costs, installation time, and complexity.

APEX generator platform stairs are standard with an aggressive, heavy-duty 3” channel grip strut grating that provides maximum, multi-directional slip resistance. Other decking options are available.

The APEX Generator Access Stairs meet OSHA codes and have an IBC-compliant option. Due to the modular design, and our experienced engineers, the stairs can reach any height you need. Made from 100% industrial-grade aluminum, our generator access stairs will not rust, warp, or rot.

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