Medical Facilities

Upside Innovations products are a great solution for compliant medical facility accessibility.

Constructed from 100% industrial-grade aluminum, our durable, long-lifecycle stairs and ramps are designed to withstand the test of time without succumbing to rust, warping, or rotting. This durability is crucial in healthcare settings where reliability and safety are paramount. Our experienced engineers excel in creating customized layouts, ensuring that each wheelchair ramp is tailored to fit even the most challenging projects. This approach allows us to address the unique needs of both modular and standard medical facilities, providing solutions that are as practical as they are compliant.

Safety and compliance are at the forefront of our designs. Our wheelchair ramps feature slip-resistant decking with raised ridges, offering secure traction for mobility scooters and power chairs, thus ensuring patient and staff safety under various weather conditions. Adherence to ADA, IBC, and local building codes is not just a promise but a standard practice in all our installations. This commitment to compliance guarantees that medical facilities equipped with our ramps and stairs meet all regulatory requirements, providing peace of mind for facility managers and users alike. Furthermore, our ramps are prefabricated and designed for fast installation. They bolt together on-site without the need for welding, significantly reducing installation time and disruption to the facility’s operations. To ensure the highest quality of installation, our professional crew oversees each project, guaranteeing that every ramp and stairway is installed smoothly and efficiently, ready to serve the needs of a diverse patient population. With Upside Innovations, medical facilities are equipped not just with access solutions, but with the assurance of safety, compliance, and lasting functionality.

Medical Facility Stair, Ramp and Canopy Installations

Custom Black Cantilever Awning
Custom powder-coated black cantilever awning designed for industrial building entryways, combining practical coverage with a clean, modern appearance.
powder coated ADA stairs
Custom Powder-Coated Entry Stair for Commercial Building
HVAC maintenance platform
HVAC maintenance platform installation in Little Rock, AR
First Aid Building Wheelchair Ramp
An ADA-compliant aluminum wheelchair ramp installation at Hershey Park's first aid station
Navy Medical Fire House Stair
Our custom 2-story stair tower and entryway stair at the Navy Medical Center Fire House in Bethesda, MD. These tailor-made, durable aluminum stairs demonstrate our commitment to providing unique, functional solutions for challenging environments.
Dock Step bar grating
Dock Step installation with bar grating decking
Generac generator stair platform
Generac Generator Stair Platform Installation
Medical office ramp stairs
Stair and Ramp installation for a modular medical office
Medical steps ramp
Modular medical office aluminum steps and ramp installation
stair tower
This a Stair Tower installation for Modular Genius Duluth, GA
wheelchair ramp installation
This wheelchair ramp was installed for Mercy Health in Cincinnati, OH.
Wheelchair Ramp for Patient First Urgent Care
This wheelchair ramp system was installed for Patient First Urgent Care
entry awning installation
This awning system was installed for Kroger Pharmacy Canopies in Cincinnati, OH.
wheelchair ramp installation
This wheelchair ramp was installed at one of the entrances of a modular building in DC FEMS in Washington, DC.
Wheelchair ramp installation
This wheelchair ramp system was installed at a the entrance of a building for Alliance Installation.
industrial stairs and walkway and wheelchair ramp installation
These industrial stairs, walkway and wheelchair ramp were installed at COVID Healthcare Relocatable Building - Modular Genius Inc.
Kohler Generator Platform Stair
Kohler Generator Platform and Stair installation for Northwood Ravin in Tampa, FL
Medical APEX Step Install
These APEX Steps with extended lower loops were installed to access a Medical Building.
stair tower and platform installation
The Upside APEX Stair system was used for A/C maintenance at this modular complex at the Department of Veterans Affairs.
IBC Stair Tower Awning Dentist KY
This IBC Stair Tower with Doorway awning was installed for a Dentist building in Louisville, Kentucky.
Cherokee Health APEX Stair Tower
This is Cherokee Health and Human Services' new APEX Stair Tower
APEX Stairs & Ramp Medical Building
This APEX installation including Stairs and a Ramp was for a Medical Building.
wheelchair ramp installation
This is a medical building's entrance with a custom made modular wheelchair ramp installed by Sodexo in Middletown, OH.
APEX Ramp and IBC Canopy Install Quest Medical
This ADA/IBC approved Ramp with Doorway Canopy was Installed for Quest Medical in Baltimore, Maryland.
Cross Bracing Commercial APEX Stairs for Hospital
This APEX system step and ramp was installed on a modular building complex located at a medical facility. The 70+ foot L ramp used all standard ramp parts and pieces and included an APEX stair tower step to gain access to the threshold platform. Included in the ramp installation were cross-braces to stabilize the installation once the ramp was over 60" off the ground.
ADA APEX Ramp Steps Install at Hospital
This is an ADA Certified APEX System featuring a Disabled Access Ramp with stairs that was Installed for patients to use at the pictured Hospital.
Ramp Installation for Health Center Lynwood IL
Long Ramp installed by Acton Mobile for a modular building at Family Christian Health Center in Lynwood, Illinois. The APEX access ramp also has aluminum handrails for stability.
Pipe Crossover Installed for St. Luke's Hospital
This Pipe Crossover was Installed for St. Luke's University Hospital in Pennsylvania.
modular canopies installation
This is a medical building with two canopies installed in front and on the left side of it. The installation was done by Microchip.
Secure Doorway Canopy Installation
This is an APEX Doorway Canopy that was installed to shelter users who access the building via the security door.
APEX Overhead Canopy Installation for LA Recovery Center
This is a picture of an APEX Overhead Canopy which was Installed for Acadiana Recovery Center in Sunset, Los Angeles.
ADA APEX Stair Tower Installation on Hillside
This is an ADA certified APEX Stair Tower that was Installed for Meridian Bioscience Inc. The stairs allow easy access over the pictured hill.
Installed Ramp and APEX Stairs for Modular Building
An Installed APEX Ramp and Stairs for a Boxx Modular Building in Cookeville, TN.
Generator stairs
Generator stair installation with stairs and platforms that service two generators