APEX System

modular long stairs installation
APEX hillside stair installation for a corporate office in Pennsylvania
hillside stairs installation
APEX hillside stair installation for a corporate office in Butler, PA.
Hillside ramp
This hillside installation in Yuma, AZ provided fully compliant ramp and step access to our customer's lakeside loading dock.
Medical office ramp stairs
Stair and Ramp installation for a modular medical office
commercial office deck, stair and ramp
Deck, Stair and Ramp installation for a modular commercial office
Health clinic ramp stair
Upside ramp and stair installation for a modular health clinic
Medical steps ramp
Modular medical office aluminum steps and ramp installation
stair tower
This a Stair Tower installation for Modular Genius Duluth, GA
Stairs modular structure
This installation for Wilmot Modular Structures has multiple ADA compliant stairs and ramps for modular buildings
Warehouse stairs
This APEX IBC-compliant stair installation was installed at a food distribution warehouse
APEX ADA / IBC compliant stair installation
These ADA and IBC Compliant APEX stairs were installed to provide access for this modular building.
Generator access stairs
Generator access stairs were installed at Delran Builders in Duryea, PA
hillside berm steps installation
These hillside berm steps with a platform were installed on the hillside in a school yard in Bridgeville, PA.
Generator Platform installation
Generator Platform installation for Northwood Ravin in Tampa, FL
wheelchair ramp
This APEX Ramp system was installed at a modular sales office in Florence, KY
Modular construction with multiple egress points
Contractor Headquarters/Office Space with multiple egress points (wheelchair ramp and stairs) were implemented into the main building's design allowing for the code-compliant structure to meet ADA and Life Safety requirements.- BWI Airport, Baltimore, MD
two stairs and doorway canopy
APEX step and canopy system installed on a modular building in Lafayette, IN
Ramp and stair
APEX Ramp and stair installation for a double door entry on a modular building
Rooftop stairs over parapet
Using an industrial grip strut APEX step was the perfect rooftop solution to span this parapet wall
DeKalb County Government Generator Platform Run
This generator maintenance panel access platform used the OSHA style APEX grip strut platform and industrial step.
Non Penetrating rooftop Stair
Rooftop stair installation at a commercial office facility.
Rooftop Crossover Stairs
Crossover Stairs created for access to Rooftop Generators.
Shelter Canopy
From the APEX System product line, this modular canopy installation is for an employee break area at a South Carolina manufacturing facility.
OSHA Stair Platform Run Install
This APEX OSHA step and platform system was used for product testing at a leading robotics manufacturer.
APEX Ramp Install for Modular
This long APEX Ramp has been installed for a Modular FedEx office building.
Medical APEX Step Install
These APEX Steps with extended lower loops were installed to access a Medical Building.
APEX System: Second Story Stair
APEX System is used to meet ADA compliance and access to the second floor.
Custom Railing APEX Stairs
Pictured are our APEX Stairs that have been installed with a Custom Railing for access to an office.
Wheelchair Ramp Install MI School
This Missouri School had a new APEX wheelchair ramp installed, giving compliant access to all of their students.
stair tower and platform installation
The Upside APEX Stair system was used for A/C maintenance at this modular complex at the Department of Veterans Affairs.
APEX Stair tower installation at Four Bridges CC in West Chester, OH
This APEX ADA stair tower installation was installed at Four Bridges CC in West Chester, OH
stairs and platform installation
This image represents the installation of stairs and a long walking platform for the use of the Department Of Veteran Affairs.
Modular Stilt Stair Tower Install
This modular apartment complex in Culver, IN used an APEX stair and railing systems to gain access to the second floor constructed deck.
Car Park Canopy Shelters
An APEX canopy and walkway system was used to connect a parking garage to a medical facility in Cincinnati, OH
Installed Grip Strut OMNI Stairs & Platform
The above Installed OSHA Grip Strut OMNI Stairs and Platform Run have been installed to hold units at an electric power facility.
Fibergate OSHA Stairs & Platform Run
These Fibergate OSHA Stairs & Platform Run were installed for Industrial use.
Two APEX industrial OSHA crossover steps for factory
Pictured are two APEX industrial OSHA crossover steps installed for workers in a factory line.
Modular Building Canopy & APEX Stairs
A custom powder coated APEX system featuring both the APEX canopy and APEX stair tower helped add to the looks of this modular installation.
Valeo Climate Control OSHA Stair Tower
Pictured is Valeo Climate Control's OSHA Certified APEX Stair Tower, providing upper level access in their Fairfield, Ohio warehouse.
APEX Stair Tower System & Ramp for School NJ
This is our APEX Stair Tower System with a Ramp that was installed for Beloved Community Charter School in New Jersey.
Switchback APEX Ramp Install MO Construction Site
This double-switchback APEX ramp was installed at a commercial construction site in St. Louis, Missouri.
stairs and wheelchair ramp
The APEX system of ramps and steps was used to gain access at the Coppell Technical Center in Coppell, TX
modular stairs installation
This APEX step and ramp system were installed by Rhinotrax Construction for the entrance of the Safeway Milk Plant in Tempe, AZ.
wheelchair ramp installation
This APEX Ramp and Step system was installed on a warehouse in Tempe, AZ
wheelchair ramp and stairs
This upgraded entrance to the Rock County Historical Society used a powder coated APEX ramp and step system to add curb appeal to their newest project.
modular wheelchair ramp and railing installation
The APEX ramp system with railings was used to retrofit this existing brick-and-mortar apartment facility for compliant tenant access. A stand-alone rail was also installed for edge protection on the cellar access step.
stair tower and wheelchair ramp installation
A powder coated black APEX Ramp system was used for this Rutgers University building
wheelchair ramp installation
48' APEX ramp system installed at a distribution center in Mobile, AL
modular wheelchair ramp
This APEX modular wheelchair ramp was installed at Shrewsbury Lanes bowling alley
wheelchair ramp installation
APEX ramp system installed on a converted house for a university cultural center.
APEX System
APEX system is utilized by our customer to gain ADA access to modular classrooms.
Apex stairs installation
The Apex Stair system is utilized by our customer is gain access to the warehouse.
stairs and wheelchair ramp
This kindergarten building in Loveland, OH has an accessible entry thanks to the installation of the modular stairs and wheelchair ramp.
wheelchair ramp
This modular ADA approved wheelchair ramp was installed for St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Dallastown, PA.
Rooftop stair
Rooftop stair accessing the multi-level roof. Installed on roof-top curb which is a structural element under the roof membrane that the stair unit is mounted to.
connection stairs with platform railings installation
These modular two railing stairs were installed as a connection between these two modular apartments. Also, there're custom railings installed on the wooden platform.
modular long stairs installation
These long modular stairs with a landing between were installed on the hillside in a school yard in Bridgeville, PA.
custom made steps
Two modular, custom made steps were installed at the Columbus Crew Stadium. Their installation facilitate the movement in the stadium.
Custom APEX Switchback Ramp
This image shows a Custom Red Switchback Ramp for Wheelchair users to access the building shown.
Cross Bracing Commercial APEX Stairs for Hospital
This APEX system step and ramp was installed on a modular building complex located at a medical facility. The 70+ foot L ramp used all standard ramp parts and pieces and included an APEX stair tower step to gain access to the threshold platform. Included in the ramp installation were cross-braces to stabilize the installation once the ramp was over 60" off the ground.
APEX System Ramp Installed Pennsaulken NJ
60' double switchback APEX ramp system installed at an office building in Pennsaulken, New Jersey.
Duncanville Independent School Access Ramp Install
An APEX System ADA wheelchair access ramp for students and teachers at a modular building within the Duncanville Independent School District.
Custom APEX Ramp Install Cleveland Court House
This 70' APEX switchback Ramp was Installed at the Cuyahoga County Court House in Cleveland, Ohio.
ADA APEX Stairs Installed at Warehouse
ADA/IBC compliant APEX Stairs Installed on a Warehouse.
APEX access ramp Installed at Fountain Square Cincinnati
This APEX System Access Ramp was Installed in Cincinnati for wheelchair users to use to access Fountain Square.
APEX Wheelchair Ramp for Large Food Distributor MD
This complex APEX ramp system provided ADA / IBC compliant access into an existing commercial bakery facility within an urban district in Baltimore, MD
Long Switchback Ramp Installation by CR One
Quadruple switchback APEX ramp system installed on a state government facility in Columbus, OH
Custom Ramp Installed for Chesapeake Schools
This 6' wide APEX Access Ramp that was customized and installed for Chesapeake Schools.
Fox Road Elementary Access Ramp
Centennial Contractors installed this APEX access ramp for a middle school in Raleigh, NC
Access Ramp Installed at Addison Ice Hockey Arena, IL
This Switchback Ramp with ADA certification was self-installed at Addison Ice Hockey Arena in Illinois.
mezzanine access stairs
An APEX OSHA-compliant industrial stair tower installation for mezzanine access at a manufacturing factory.
APEX OSHA Stair Tower Warehouse Mezzanine
This APEX OSHA Stair Tower provides access to the pictured Warehouse Mezzanine.
OSHA Stair Tower for Roof Access at DePaul University
This is an OSHA Stair Tower allowing for Roof Access at the DePaul University in Chicago, Illinois.
doorway canopy installation
This doorway canopy is installed for a building entrance at Wright Patterson Air Force Base.
connected canopies and a wheelchair ramp
The APEX walkway canopy system was used to connect the modular classrooms with the brick and mortar school.
aluminum canopy installation
This APEX Canopy system was installed at a warehouse to provide weatherproof access. Made from aluminum, the canopy is durable and safe.
modular canopy installation
This APEX walkway canopy system was installed at a juvenile detention center in Tampa, FL to provide weather protection while entering the facility.
APEX Canopy Install
APEX Canopy System is a freestanding structure used to cover the existing platform.
APEX Walkway Canopy for Talbot CPS
This APEX walkway canopy was installed at a school in Easton, Maryland.
APEX Doorway Canopy Shelter for Modular Building
This is an APEX doorway canopy system installed between an industrial facility and an outdoor storage unit
APEX System Walkway Canopy
This is an APEX system walkway canopy connecting two steel buildings on an existing customer site.
Overhead APEX Canopy Installed for Retail Store
A black APEX entry canopy system was installed at this newly constructed retail location
Doorway Canopy Installed in Winnebago NE
This APEX stystem doorway canopy was installed on a Modular Building in Winnebago, Nebraska over and APEX step system.
ADA APEX Stair Tower Installation on Hillside
This is an ADA certified APEX Stair Tower that was Installed for Meridian Bioscience Inc. The stairs allow easy access over the pictured hill.
aluminum stairs installation
This is an outdoor installation of modular two line railing stairs. They were installed at the Faith Evangelical Church's backyard.
OSHA Stair Platform
This unique APEX step system installation included a 42" ADA/IBC compliant step riser with baluster rails and inner handrails along with an OSHA compliant APEX step.
Canopies and Awnings Hero Image
APEX Walkway canopy at a downtown Cincinnati office building
Powder-coated brown walkway canopy between parking garage and modular office
Powder-coated bronze APEX walkway canopy connecting the existing office and a modular building
Standard aluminum hillside steps
This is an outdoor installation of modular two line railing hillside stairs.
hillside steps installation
This is an outdoor installation of modular hillside steps that provide beach access.
Generator stairs
Generator stair installation with stairs and platforms that service two generators