Non-Penetrating Rooftop Stair Office Building

Non Penetrating rooftop Stair

Rooftop stair installation at a commercial office facility.

The OSHA APEX Step is a non-penetrating solution that's perfect for accessing equipment on rooftops. Made from lightweight, high-quality aluminum, it is modular and easy to install without needing a lift or crane. Roof-top equipment often requires ongoing maintenance to keep work environments safe. Still, with the OSHA APEX Step, workers can easily and safely access rooftop equipment, regardless of obstacles such as pipes, skylights, ducts, and parapets. With its durable construction and easy installation, the APEX Step is the ideal solution for any business with rooftop equipment.

Industrial Stairs

Made from 100% industrial-grade aluminum, Upside's OSHA industrial stairs won’t rust, rot, or warp. They also meet OSHA codes, with an IBC-compliant option available. The stairs come prefabricated to bolt together on-site, so there is no need for welding.

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Rooftop Stairs

Our ready-to-install rooftop stairs are made from industrial-grade components that bolt together for easy installation without needing special tools or equipment. Say goodbye to time-consuming engineering, welding, and custom fabrication.

Because our rooftop access stairs are modular and made from lightweight, high-quality aluminum, no lift or crane is required for installation, and each component can be carried up to the roof. They are designed to meet your specifications, including OSHA code-compliancy. Many options are available to ensure that you require ADA, IBC, or any other local building code.

non penetrating rooftop stairs

While steel is known to rust and corrodes over time, especially in harsh weather conditions, aluminum is maintenance-free. Lighter construction also means less weight eliminating distribution complications common on roof-top installation.

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