Stair tower installation at a tank farm

Stair tower installation at a tank farm

Stair tower installation at a tank farm

Upside Innovations' OSHA-compliant, industrial-grade Aluminum Stair Tower - is the perfect solution for safe and hassle-free access to the top of tanks in any farm. Engineered for durability, it resists rust, rot, and warping. No special tools or welding needed - our prefabricated design bolts together on-site. Choose safety and efficiency with our seamless stair tower installations.

Industrial Stairs

Made from 100% industrial-grade aluminum, Upside's OSHA industrial stairs won’t rust, rot, or warp. They also meet OSHA codes, with an IBC-compliant option available. The stairs come prefabricated to bolt together on-site, so there is no need for welding.

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Maintenance Platform

Our APEX Maintenance Platforms come prefabricated and ready to install. The industrial-grade aluminum components conveniently bolt together to allow for many different configurations. This removes any need for custom fabrication, welding, and time-consuming engineering, reducing costs, installation time, and complexity.

As the manufacturer, we can design maintenance and work platforms to your specifications, however unique. Because units are prefabricated and bolt together, stairs and platforms come ready to install without needing special tools or equipment.

Our team of engineers will design a maintenance platform layout just for you, and professional engineer stamps are available.

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