Stair Access for a Permanent Modular Office

Stair Permanent Modular Office

Permanent modular office entry stair installation at an energy infrastructure facility

In the energy infrastructure sector, robust, safe, and efficient facilities are essential. This project features Upside's entry stairs at TC Energy's Elkview, WV compressor station.

The Challenge at TC Energy:

TC Energy, a company with over 70 years of experience in operating pipelines, storage facilities, and power-generation plants across North America, faced a unique challenge at their Elkview, WV compressor station. The station, previously using temporary office trailers, required a transition to permanent office buildings for their Compressor and Pipeline staff. The site's remote location and ongoing activity, along with the need for heightened safety due to hazardous operations, made a modular construction approach was a better solution over traditional stick-built construction methods.

Upside Innovations' Access Stairs:

In this scenario, Upside Innovations provides critical components– the entry stairs and wheelchair ramp (not pictured). Our stair and ramp solutions offer stability, durability, and compliance with safety regulations, without custom fabrication or engineering. Like modular construction, our stairs are in-stock, modular and assembles without welding or the need for special equipment or tools.

Stair access to a permanent modular office


Modular Genius, Inc., a modular building supplier, designed and constructed two 2,310 sq. ft. permanent modular office buildings. The buildings were set on a flood plan foundation with flood venting, considering the site's unique environmental challenges. Post-installation, a 4-12 pitch site-built roof was added, along with high ribbed steel panels for the roof and siding, chosen specifically to blend with the wilderness surroundings. The efficiency and quality of Modular Genius' work, including on-site installation of roof trusses, panels, and siding, were highly commended by TC Energy.

The successful collaboration between Upside Innovations and Modular Genius at the TC Energy facility in Elkview, WV, illustrates our our products tightly integrate with modular construction. As TC Energy enjoys the benefits of their new permanent modular offices, the role of Upside Innovations in enhancing the safety and functionality of these spaces remains a highlight of this successful project.

Entry Stairs

Upside Innovations offers entry stair and ramp solutions for entryways. Made from prefabricated steel, you can rest assured knowing the APEX entry stairs and ramps won't rust or warp.

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