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APEX Stair tower installation at Four Bridges CC in West Chester, OH

This APEX ADA stair tower installation was installed at Four Bridges CC in West Chester, OH

Upside Innovations installed this APEX stair tower at Four Bridges CC located in West Chester, OH. HPA Development Group turned to the all aluminum APEX step design when the need arose to replace an existing painted steel step that was deteriorating from rust. In addition to a change-out of the step, the country club decided to change the direction of the stair unit to come out directly from the door instead of running along the side of the building like before.

The step system included a 6' x 7'4" threshold platform to accommodate the existing double doors located directly underneath the second story entrance. That large platform allowed for the structural legs to avoid interfering with the door swing from below. Because the second story height was 12'10", code required a resting platform to be included, which Upside accomplished with a standard 5'4" x 5'4" platform.

Entry Stairs

Upside Innovations offers entry stair and ramp solutions for entryways. Made from prefabricated steel, you can rest assured knowing the APEX entry stairs and ramps won't rust or warp.

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Stair Towers

Designed to meet your exact specifications, our APEX Stair Tower System comes prefabricated to bolt together on-site. There is no need for welding, and our team can design the stair tower to reach any height required. Our professional installation crew is on hand to ensure your project goes as smoothly as possible.

Because our APEX stair tower system is modular, ramps, stairs and railings can be reused or reconfigured as your needs change. Modular stair towers, platform landings, legs, and handrails bolt together without any on-site welding.

Upsideā€™s APEX stairs are engineered to integrate with our ramps and canopies seamlessly and make a great solution for modular buildings

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