Entry Stair for Commercial Building – Custom Powder-Coated

powder coated ADA stairs

Custom Powder-Coated Entry Stair for Commercial Building

Custom powder-coated to match the building's color scheme, these prefabricated metal stairs offer immediate installation capability, merging industrial-grade durability with elegant design.

Modular Assembly:

The modular stair system allows for a swift bolt-together assembly, significantly reducing installation time and costs compared to traditional welded stairs.

Easy Configuration:

Tailored to the client's specific needs, the APEX system's reconfigurability ensures that the stair layout can evolve in tandem with the changing demands of the site.

ADA and IBC Compliance:

Meeting the stringent requirements of ADA and IBC, the stair system guarantees accessibility and safety.

Technical Specifications:


Crafted from 100% aluminum, including alloys 6061 and 6063 with ≥99% and ≥50% recycled content respectively, the stair system promises longevity without the risk of rusting, warping, or rotting.


Equipped with a heavy-duty 3” channel grip strut grating, the stairs ensure superior slip-resistance in various weather conditions.


Featuring leveling legs with 8” of adjustability, the system accommodates uneven ground with ease.

Sustainability Credentials:

The prefabricated nature of the system aligns with LEED v4.1 credits and other green building rating systems, supporting HPD/LEED/ESG objectives.

Design Integration:

Custom Layouts:

Upside Innovations’ engineering team provided a bespoke stair configuration, complete with professional engineer stamps for validation.

Color Matching:

The custom powder coating aligns seamlessly with the building's exterior palette, enhancing visual appeal.

Entry Stairs

Upside Innovations offers entry stair and ramp solutions for entryways. Made from prefabricated steel, you can rest assured knowing the APEX entry stairs and ramps won't rust or warp.

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