Office Buildings

ADA ramp installation at military facility - Eagle Pass TX
powder coated ADA stairs
Custom Powder-Coated Entry Stair for Commercial Building
ADA Stairs for Modular Office Building in Elkview, WV
ADA Stairs with crossover design for Modular Office Building in Elkview, WV.
Naval Shipyard stair and covered walkway
Upside Innovations' stair and covered walkway installation at the Norfolk Naval Shipyard. An IBC-compliant stairway to a second-story entrance, connected by a covered, elevated walkway. This installation provides a sheltered path for workers moving between buildings, ensuring safety and protection from the elements at this vital facility for U.S. Navy ship construction and repair in Portsmouth, Virginia.
Bus Terminal stair, ramp and canopy
DGS Adams Place Bus Terminal in Washington, DC with Upside's entryway canopies, ADA-compliant stairs and a fully accessible ADA wheelchair ramp
Chapin Mansion Handicap Ramp Installation
The newly installed Upside accessibility ramp at Chapin Mansion, a testament to inclusivity blending seamlessly with historical elegance.
Metal office stair and deck with railing
Custom stair and railing system for two story access.
modular office stairwell and canopy
Showcasing the union of efficiency, versatility, and sustainability, this photo captures Upside Innovations' installation of a modular aluminum stairwell and weather-resistant canopy for a temporary two-story office, featuring elements that are as easy to assemble as they are to reconfigure and designed to be compliant with ADA, IBC, and OSHA standards.
Generator access stair
Generator access stair installation at Fort Bragg, CA
Dock Step bar grating
Dock Step installation with bar grating decking
hillside stairs installation
APEX hillside stair installation for a corporate office in Butler, PA.
Generac generator stair platform
Generac Generator Stair Platform Installation
stair tower
This a Stair Tower installation for Modular Genius Duluth, GA
Warehouse stairs
This APEX IBC-compliant stair installation was installed at a food distribution warehouse
Stairs and Wheelchair Ramp
These stairs and wheelchair ramp were installed at one of the entrances of Couchell Investment in Matthews, NC
entry stairs installation
These stairs were installed at one of the entrances of Stevens Institute Technology, NJ
stairs and wheelchair ramp installation
These stairs and wheelchair ramp were installed at one of the entrances of River Downs Hiring Offices.
industrial stairs installation
These stairs were installed inside of a building in Washington, DC
stairs Installation
These stairs were installed inside of Livengrin Foundation's building in Bensalem, PA
Stairs Installation
These stairs were installed at the entrance of an office building of Terrace Park Elementary.
Wheelchair Ramp Installation
This wheelchair ramp was installed at the entrance of an office building of Terrace Park Elementary.
entry stairs installation
These mezzanine stairs were installed at a second-story mobile office in Hunt Valley, MD
Kohler Generator Platform Stair
Kohler Generator Platform and Stair installation for Northwood Ravin in Tampa, FL
Industrial Mezzanine Stair Tower install
This Industrial Mezzanine Stair Tower was installed for access to an Inside office/mezzanine.
wheelchair ramp
This APEX Ramp system was installed at a modular sales office in Florence, KY
Rooftop stairs over parapet
Using an industrial grip strut APEX step was the perfect rooftop solution to span this parapet wall
Non Penetrating rooftop Stair
Rooftop stair installation at a commercial office facility.
Shelter Canopy
From the APEX System product line, this modular canopy installation is for an employee break area at a South Carolina manufacturing facility.
ADA APEX Access Steps
These ADA APEX Access Steps were installed for an American Airlines office.
APEX Ramp Install for Modular
An Upside Innovations ADA-compliant wheelchair ramp installation at a modular FedEx office building.
Custom Railing APEX Stairs
Pictured are our APEX Stairs that have been installed with a Custom Railing for access to an office.
Modular Building APEX Ramp
In this image you will see a Modular Building with a brand new APEX Wheelchair Ramp that's been installed for wheelchair users to access their offices.
stair tower and platform installation
The Upside APEX Stair system was used for A/C maintenance at this modular complex at the Department of Veterans Affairs.
APEX Stair tower installation at Four Bridges CC in West Chester, OH
This APEX ADA stair tower installation was installed at Four Bridges CC in West Chester, OH
stairs and platform installation
This image represents the installation of stairs and a long walking platform for the use of the Department Of Veteran Affairs.
APEX Stair Tower Pressbox, IL
This APEX Stair Tower has been installed at Pressbox in Naperville, Illinois.
Mobile Office APEX Ramp Install IL
Pictures is a Mobile Office with an APEX Switchback Ramp Installed, located in Urbana, Illinois.
Car Dealership Office APEX Ramp Install
This is a Modular Car Dealership Office with a new APEX Wheelchair Access Ramp Installed.
APEX Ramp for Pittsburgh Office
This APEX System Straight Wheelchair Access Ramp has been installed for a Pittsburgh Office Building.
Polk County Office Ramp Install
This APEX System Access Ramp has been installed for the Polk County Tax Collector Office.
APEX Ramp System for Wheelchair Access
This APEX ramp was installed up to the front entrance of a church giving all the members of the church a safe and easy way to access the worship facilities.
wheelchair ramp and stairs
This upgraded entrance to the Rock County Historical Society used a powder coated APEX ramp and step system to add curb appeal to their newest project.
Rooftop stair
Rooftop stair accessing the multi-level roof. Installed on roof-top curb which is a structural element under the roof membrane that the stair unit is mounted to.
modular stairs installation
These are ADA approved modular, two line railing stairs installed in front of Premeire Trailer Leasing's building.
Custom APEX Switchback Ramp
This image shows a Custom Red Switchback Ramp for Wheelchair users to access the building shown.
APEX Stairs Bethlehem GA Office
This is the APEX Stair that was Installed for an Office in Bethlehem, Georgia.
ADA APEX Ramp Modular Building Install OK
This is an Modular office Building with an ADA APEX Ramp Installed in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
APEX Ramp with Overhead Canopy NY
This image features an Upside Innovations ADA-compliant APEX access ramp connecting multiple doors of a modular building in Mt. Vernon NY. There is a canopy shelter all the way along.
APEX System ADA Switchback Ramp Install for Modular Building
This ADA Certified APEX System Switchback Ramp has been installed for the pictured Modular Building, allowing access from the car park.
ADA/IBC APEX Step for Modular Building
These are ADA/IBC Approved APEX Access Steps that lead to a Modular office Building in Louisville.
IBC APEX Parking Access Ramp Install Lafayette IN
This IBC APEX Ramp Installed in Lafayette allows wheelchair users to access the pictured modular building from the car park.
Long APEX Ramp for Food Warehouse in VA
Long APEX Ramp Installed for Logan's Sausages Company Warehouse in Alexandria, Virginia.
APEX Switchback Ramp Installation Housing Authority Office MA
This is an installed APEX Switchback Ramp and DOCK steps for Malden Housing Authority's office in Massachusetts.
Fibergate Ramp for LA Office
This is a Custom Fibergate Ramp for a modular Office Building in Cameron, Los Angeles.
APEX Ramp at Charlotte NC Offices
This APEX System Disabled Access Ramp was Installed for an Office Building in Charlotte, NC. It allows wheelchair users to access offices on the site.
APEX System Ramp Installed Pennsaulken NJ
60' double switchback APEX ramp system installed at an office building in Pennsaulken, New Jersey.
Custom APEX Ramp Install Cleveland Court House
This 70' APEX switchback Ramp was Installed at the Cuyahoga County Court House in Cleveland, Ohio.
L-Shaped APEX System Switchback Ramp in Waltham, MA
This APEX Wheelchair Ramp with Massachusetts handrails was installed at building at Brandeis University
Long Switchback Ramp Installation by CR One
Quadruple switchback APEX ramp system installed on a state government facility in Columbus, OH
APEX System Office Ramp Installation
This APEX System access ramp with steps was installed for an Office Building in Lincoln, New England.
APEX Ramp Installation for Florida Offices
The image shows a newly-installed APEX Wheelchair Access Ramp for an Office building in Florida.
APEX Doorway Canopy Walkway Installation
This is an APEX Doorway Canopy and Walkway to shelter users walking from one building to another.
Access Ramp for Office Building NJ
Picture shows a straight Access Ramp that was installed at an office Building in New Jersey.
Straight Ramp Installed in Tallahassee FL
This Straight Access Ramp was Installed at an office Building in Tallahassee, Florida.
Switchback Ramp Install Louisville Modular Building
This is an APEX Switchback Ramp with aluminium handrails. The Modular Building in the picture is located in Louisville, Kentucky.
APEX Ramp Installation for OH Sales Office
This APEX System Access Ramp was installed for wheelchair users to access the pictured Withamsville Sales Office in Ohio.
APEX Stairs and Platform Run Between Buildings
These APEX stairs have a Platform Run for easy access Between two Modular Buildings. The installation was carried out in Lexington, Kentucky.
APEX Switchback Ramp Install
This is an industrial switchback ramp with handrails that was installed as part of our APEX system in Delphos, Ohio for a modular office building.
Industrial Stairs with Platform Run Connecting Doorways
These are Industrial Stairs leading to a platform run that connects multiple doorways for convenient access.
modular railing installation
This is a custom made Railing protecting the edges of the stairs in front of the entrance in this image. The installation was made in Ohio by Columbia Hyundai.
IBC Awning and OSHA Loading Dock Step Installed at Seal-Rite
This is a IBC Awning and OSHA Loading Dock Step that were at a Seal-Rite building in Omaha, Nebraska.
Canopy Installed Between Buildings
This is an APEX System Canopy that was Installed Between Buildings.
modular doorway canopy
Commercial Entry Canopy
doorway canopy installation
This doorway canopy is installed for a building entrance at Wright Patterson Air Force Base.
modular canopy
This walking area is protected from weather conditions with a durable canopy.
Secure Doorway Canopy Installation
This is an APEX Doorway Canopy that was installed to shelter users who access the building via the security door.
APEX Walkway Canopy Installation for UC Hastings in San Fran
An APEX Walkway Canopy Installation for UC Hastings College of the Law office in San Fransisco, California.
APEX Awning and Platform Run Installed for NY Justice Court
This is an APEX Awning with a Platform Run Installed for the Justice Court Mobile Office in New York.
APEX Walkway Canopy Installed for GE
This is an APEX Walkway Connector Canopy that was installed to connect different buildings at the General Electric headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio.
Long APEX Walkway Canopy Installed for Lincolnton Building
The Long Walkway Connector Canopy was installed in Lincolnton North Carolina as part of our APEX System.
Doorway Canopy Installation in Kentucky
This is a Doorway Canopy installed to provide shelter for users of a Modular office building in Carrollton, Kentucky.
Doorway Canopy Installed in Winnebago NE
This APEX doorway canopy was installed on a Modular Building in Winnebago, Nebraska over APEX stairs.
DOCK Steps and Wooden Platform Run Between Modular Buildings
This picture shows ADA certified DOCK steps leading to a wooden platform run between two modular buildings.
Long APEX Ramp Installation on Modular Building Lafayette
This is a long APEX System switchback ramp and stairs installed at a modular building in Lafayette, Indiana. Switchback ramps are a great way of optimizing smaller spaces.
Long Ramp and APEX Stairs for Modular Building, Kings Bay
A modular building with a Long ADA certified Ramp and APEX Stairs installed by Vesta in Kings Bay, Georgia.
APEX Ramp and Platform Run Between Buildings
This picture shows an APEX System consisting of two ramps leading to a platform run for easy wheelchair access between buildings. The modular buildings pictured are located in Bowie, MD.
APEX Switchback Ramp Installation at Givaudan Flavors
This is an APEX Switchback Ramp Installation for space-saving at Givaudan Flavors. The ramp was installed for a Modular Building.
Installed Short APEX Stair
This picture shows a single-step APEX stair installation for building access. The product was installed onto the concrete sidewalk and parking lot.
Long Ramp Installation for Kitchen Corps
This picture shows a Long Ramp Installation for the portable kitchen company "Kitchen Corps" who are in Lakeland, Florida. The ramp leads to a modular building.
Ramp and DOCK Steps Installed at Hallmark
An APEX Ramp with DOCK Steps for Wheelchair Users Installed at a Hallmark Building.
Installed Ramp and APEX Stairs for Modular Building
An Installed APEX Ramp and Stairs for a Boxx Modular Building in Cookeville, TN.
Long Ramp and DOCK Step Installation for Boxx Modular
An ADA Long Ramp and DOCK Step Installation for Boxx Modular in Norco, CA
APEX Ramp Installation for Modular Building in Atlanta
An APEX System Ramp Installation for a Modular Building in Atlanta, Georgia.
Access Ramp for Avis Office Building
An ADA Access Ramp leading up to an Avis Budget Office Building.
APEX Ramp and Steps for Modular Building
An APEX System Ramp with Dock stairs for a Modular Building.
DOCK Step and APEX Ramp Install at Amtrak
A DOCK Step and APEX Ramp installation at an Amtrak station in New Haven.
Generator stairs
Generator stair installation with stairs and platforms that service two generators