Custom Black Cantilever Awning
Custom powder-coated black cantilever awning designed for industrial building entryways, combining practical coverage with a clean, modern appearance.
powder coated ADA stairs
Custom Powder-Coated Entry Stair for Commercial Building
HVAC maintenance platform
HVAC maintenance platform installation in Little Rock, AR
OSHA Industrial Step in Grand Rapids, MI
This OSHA Industrial Step was installed in Grand Rapids, MI at a warehouse loading dock.
Dock Step installation with Grip Strut decking
This project consisted of installing a number of Loading Dock Steps on a warehouse in Lima, OH. This set has closed-back risers and has a 5' by 5' platform.
E-House Access Stairs
Access stair installation to a Marvair Electrical House (E-House) at an industrial facility.
2-story deck and stair tower installation
Navy Medical Fire House Stair
Our custom 2-story stair tower and entryway stair at the Navy Medical Center Fire House in Bethesda, MD. These tailor-made, durable aluminum stairs demonstrate our commitment to providing unique, functional solutions for challenging environments.
Chapin Mansion Handicap Ramp Installation
The newly installed Upside accessibility ramp at Chapin Mansion, a testament to inclusivity blending seamlessly with historical elegance.
modular office stairwell and canopy
Showcasing the union of efficiency, versatility, and sustainability, this photo captures Upside Innovations' installation of a modular aluminum stairwell and weather-resistant canopy for a temporary two-story office, featuring elements that are as easy to assemble as they are to reconfigure and designed to be compliant with ADA, IBC, and OSHA standards.
non-penetrating rooftop stair
This showcases the installation of an Upside Innovation rooftop stair product at a commercial site in Providence, RI. It was professionally installed by a local roofing contractor using non-penetrating rooftop mounts. This technique is particularly crucial as it ensures the structural integrity of the building remains uncompromised during and after installation. Such installations offer improved access to rooftop spaces and can significantly enhance the functionality of commercial buildings. The stair product itself integrates seamlessly with the existing infrastructure, demonstrating the potential of well-designed and effectively installed architectural solutions.
Generator access stair
Generator access stair installation at Fort Bragg, CA
Dock Step bar grating
Dock Step installation with bar grating decking
Generac generator stair platform
Generac Generator Stair Platform Installation
commercial office deck, stair and ramp
Deck, Stair and Ramp installation for a modular commercial office
stair tower
This a Stair Tower installation for Modular Genius Duluth, GA
Kohler Generator Platform Stair
Kohler Generator Platform and Stair installation for Northwood Ravin in Tampa, FL
Modular construction with multiple egress points
Contractor Headquarters/Office Space with multiple egress points (wheelchair ramp and stairs) were implemented into the main building's design allowing for the code-compliant structure to meet ADA and Life Safety requirements.- BWI Airport, Baltimore, MD
modular entry stairs
ADA / IBC compliant bar grating DOCK step installed on a commercial warehouse building
Rooftop stairs over parapet
Using an industrial grip strut APEX step was the perfect rooftop solution to span this parapet wall
Non Penetrating rooftop Stair
Rooftop stair installation at a commercial office facility.
Shelter Canopy
From the APEX System product line, this modular canopy installation is for an employee break area at a South Carolina manufacturing facility.
Truck Access Semi Trailer Steps
Pictured are our Semi Trailer Steps for access to trucks in and out of the facility.
APEX System: Second Story Stair
This APEX System is used to meet ADA compliance and access to the second floor.
Stair Tower with Doorway Canopies
A 2-story, IBC-compliant modular stair system with three landings and dual canopies, designed and installed using our APEX product system for enhanced safety, egress, and fire code compliance.
APEX Stair tower installation at Four Bridges CC in West Chester, OH
This APEX ADA stair tower installation was installed at Four Bridges CC in West Chester, OH
Car Park Canopy Shelters
An APEX canopy and walkway system was used to connect a parking garage to a medical facility in Cincinnati, OH
IBC Stair Tower Awning Dentist KY
This IBC Stair Tower with Doorway awning was installed for a Dentist building in Louisville, Kentucky.
Amazon OSHA Roof Access Stairwell Tower
This is an Interior OSHA Roof Access Stairwell Tower installation for an Amazon Distribution Warehouse
Car Dealership Office APEX Ramp Install
This is a Modular Car Dealership Office with a new APEX Wheelchair Access Ramp Installed.
stairs and wheelchair ramp
The APEX system of ramps and steps was used to gain access at the Coppell Technical Center in Coppell, TX
wheelchair ramp installation
This APEX Ramp and Step system was installed on a warehouse in Tempe, AZ
Rooftop stair
Rooftop stair accessing the multi-level roof. Installed on roof-top curb which is a structural element under the roof membrane that the stair unit is mounted to.
Amazon Warehouse YellowGate Ramp Installation
This is an industrial Loading Dock Ramp with YellowGate handrails that's been installed at the Amazon Warehouse in Phoenix, Arizona.
USDA Parking Access APEX L-Ramp Installation
This ADA compliant APEX L-Ramp was installed for wheelchair users to gain easy car park access to the USDA Agricultural Center.
APEX Extended Truck Access Ramp Levittown
This APEX System Extended Truck Access Ramp was Installed in Levittown, Pennsylvania.
APEX Truck Access Ramp for Wheelchair Users
This switchback APEX Ramp has been installed to allow Wheelchair Users to access trucks from the back.
APEX System Ramp Installed Pennsaulken NJ
60' double switchback APEX ramp system installed at an office building in Pennsaulken, New Jersey.
APEX Wheelchair Ramp for Large Food Distributor MD
This complex APEX ramp system provided ADA / IBC compliant access into an existing commercial bakery facility within an urban district in Baltimore, MD
APEX Wheelchair Access Ramp Nashville
This is a custom-painted APEX System featuring a Switchback Wheelchair Access Ramp to optimize space at a building in Nashville, TN.
Long APEX Ramp Installation at Planet Fitness Louisville
This Long APEX Switchback Ramp and Stairs Installation was carried out for Planet Fitness in Louisville, Kentucky.
Truck Access OMNI-Steps and Platform Run
These OMNI-steps with a platform run provides access to trucks and was installed at a Hexcel West modular building.
APEX Stair and Ramp Install for Millard Refrigerated Services
APEX Stairs and Ramp Installation for Millard Refrigerated Services in Watsonville, CA.
Platform Run Install for Design Space, LA
An ADA Platform Run Installation for an elegant Design Studio called Design Space in West LA, VA.
APEX Ramp and Stairs for Hershey
Crescent Park Dual APEX Ramp and Stairs installation for Hershey in Edwardsville, IL.
Access Ramp for Avis Office Building
An ADA Access Ramp leading up to an Avis Budget Office Building.
ADA Wheelchair Ramp
ADA Wheelchair Ramp installation for Michigan Rd. Realty
Generator stairs
Generator stair installation with stairs and platforms that service two generators