Industrial Facilities

Custom Black Cantilever Awning
Custom powder-coated black cantilever awning designed for industrial building entryways, combining practical coverage with a clean, modern appearance.
E-House Access Stairs
Access stair installation to a Marvair Electrical House (E-House) at an industrial facility.
Stair tower installation at a tank farm
Upside Innovations' OSHA-compliant Aluminum Stair Tower installation at an industrial tank farm, providing secure and efficient access to a set of tanks.
non-penetrating rooftop stair
This showcases the installation of an Upside Innovation rooftop stair product at a commercial site in Providence, RI. It was professionally installed by a local roofing contractor using non-penetrating rooftop mounts. This technique is particularly crucial as it ensures the structural integrity of the building remains uncompromised during and after installation. Such installations offer improved access to rooftop spaces and can significantly enhance the functionality of commercial buildings. The stair product itself integrates seamlessly with the existing infrastructure, demonstrating the potential of well-designed and effectively installed architectural solutions.
Metal safety stairs installation for loading and unloading chemicals at a Waste Water Treatment Plant
An OSHA-compliant stair and loading platform system at a wastewater treatment plant. Constructed with industrial-grade aluminum for durable, chemical-resistant, and safe unloading of chemicals from semi-trucks.
Warehouse dock canopy
Generator access stair
Generator access stair installation at Fort Bragg, CA
Dock Step bar grating
Dock Step installation with bar grating decking
Generac generator stair platform
Generac Generator Stair Platform Installation
DeKalb County Government Generator Platform Run
This generator maintenance panel access platform used the OSHA style APEX grip strut platform and industrial step.
stair tower
This a Stair Tower installation for Modular Genius Duluth, GA
industrial stairs installation
These industrial stairs were installed at one of the entrances of TBDN - Jackson, TN
entry stairs installation
These stairs were installed at one of the entrances of TBDN in Jackson, TN
Generator access stairs
Generator access stairs were installed at Delran Builders in Duryea, PA
Grip Strut Omni-Steps in Malvern, PA
These Grip Strut Omni-Steps with a Platform Run were installed in Malvern, Pennsylvania.
Kohler Generator Platform Stair
Kohler Generator Platform and Stair installation for Northwood Ravin in Tampa, FL
Rooftop OSHA compliant stair
Custom OSHA crossover step for rooftop ladder access
Rooftop stairs over parapet
Using an industrial grip strut APEX step was the perfect rooftop solution to span this parapet wall
Non Penetrating rooftop Stair
Rooftop stair installation at a commercial office facility.
portable steps
This OMNI Step was installed at the SixAxis Innovation Center and has been provided by Upside Innovations.
OSHA Stair Platform Run Install
This APEX OSHA step and platform system was used for product testing at a leading robotics manufacturer.
Truck Access Semi Trailer Steps
Pictured are our Semi Trailer Steps for access to trucks in and out of the facility.
Battery Storage Grip Strut OMNI Step Install
These Grip Strut OMNI stairs allow access to a battery storage facility at McHenry Battery Storage in Illinois.
Installed Grip Strut OMNI Stairs & Platform
The above Installed OSHA Grip Strut OMNI Stairs and Platform Run have been installed to hold units at an electric power facility.
Fibergate OSHA Stairs & Platform Run
These Fibergate OSHA Stairs & Platform Run were installed for Industrial use.
Two APEX industrial OSHA crossover steps for factory
Pictured are two APEX industrial OSHA crossover steps installed for workers in a factory line.
Valeo Climate Control OSHA Stair Tower
Pictured is Valeo Climate Control's OSHA Certified APEX Stair Tower, providing upper level access in their Fairfield, Ohio warehouse.
modular stair tower and canopy installation
This stilt house in Charleston, SC has access thanks to the modular installation of this stair tower with landing. There's a doorway canopy installed as a shelter.
APEX L-Ramp Old Rainier Brewery WA
This is an L-shaped APEX wheelchair access Ramp for Old Rainier Brewery in Seattle, Washington.
fire escape stair tower.
This is an IBC compliant fire escape stair tower.
long wheelchair ramp installation
A custom narrow APEX ADA ramp system with double switchback, installed in Brooklyn, NY to connect a parking garage to an apartment building.
aluminum ada stairs installation
Brackenridge Construction installed these ADA-compliant two-line railing stairs for the entrance of Jo-Ann Fabrics' building in Concord, NH.
Amazon Warehouse YellowGate Ramp Installation
This is an industrial Loading Dock Ramp with YellowGate handrails that's been installed at the Amazon Warehouse in Phoenix, Arizona.
USDA Parking Access APEX L-Ramp Installation
This ADA compliant APEX L-Ramp was installed for wheelchair users to gain easy car park access to the USDA Agricultural Center.
Long APEX Ramp for Food Warehouse in VA
Long APEX Ramp Installed for Logan's Sausages Company Warehouse in Alexandria, Virginia.
Fibergate APEX Ramp Platform Run Memphis, TN
This Fibergate APEX Ramp and Platform Run with added Semi Stairs has been installed for an industrial site in Memphis, Tennessee.
APEX Extended Truck Access Ramp Levittown
This APEX System Extended Truck Access Ramp was Installed in Levittown, Pennsylvania.
APEX Truck Access Ramp for Wheelchair Users
This switchback APEX Ramp has been installed to allow Wheelchair Users to access trucks from the back.
APEX Wheelchair Ramp for Large Food Distributor MD
This complex APEX ramp system provided ADA / IBC compliant access into an existing commercial bakery facility within an urban district in Baltimore, MD
mezzanine access stairs
An APEX OSHA-compliant industrial stair tower installation for mezzanine access at a manufacturing facility.
Grip Strut Semi Trailer Step Between-Building Platform
These Semi Trailer Steps and Platform Run with Grip Struts were installed for access between buildings, and are OSHA certified.
OSHA Semi Trailer Steps for Generator Access
These OSHA Certified Semi Trailer Steps were installed for Generator Access.
OSHA Stair Platform on Modular Schneider Electric Building
This OSHA Stair and Platform leads to a modular building at Schneider Electric.
Steps and APEX Trailer Catwalk at Industrial Facility
These Steps and long APEX Trailer Catwalk Platform were installed at an Industrial Facility.
Platform installation for Generators
These APEX Steps and Platform were installed to hold two Generators at Comcast Telecommunications Company in Philadelphia.
Industrial Stairs with Platform Run Connecting Doorways
These are Industrial Stairs leading to a platform run that connects multiple doorways for convenient access.
modular stairs and railing
These stairs with two line railings and another side railing were installed in Tehachapi, CA to provide truck access.
Modular Warehouse Dock Steps
This Modular Warehouse has Dock Steps Installed in Mississippi.
IBC Awning and OSHA Loading Dock Step Installed at Seal-Rite
This is a IBC Awning and OSHA Loading Dock Step that were at a Seal-Rite building in Omaha, Nebraska.
OMNI Steps and Platform Run for National Grid
The pictured OMNI Steps and Platform Run were Installed for a National Grid Modular Building in Dorchester, Massachusetts.
Grip Strut DOCK Step Installed by AHI Facility
This Grip Strut DOCK Steps for access to the pictured building was Installed by AHI Facility Services in Dallas, Texas.
modular canopy and wheelchair ramp
This industrial modular building has a long wheelchair ramp installed together with a canopy above. The installation was made by Motion Industries.
APEX Canopy Install
APEX Canopy System is a freestanding structure used to cover the existing platform.
APEX Walkway Canopy Installed for GE
This is an APEX Walkway Connector Canopy that was installed to connect different buildings at the General Electric headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio.
Overhead APEX Walkway Canopy Installed Between Buildings
This image shows an Overhead APEX Walkway Canopy installed between two Modular Warehouse buildings in Pontotoc, Mississippi.
APEX Switchback Ramp Warehouse Installation
Here you can see an installed APEX Switchback Ramp located at a Warehouse.
ADA DOCK Step Installed at Du Quoin Modular Building
These are DOCK Steps Certified by ADA which have been installed at a Modular Building in Du Quoin, Illinois.
APEX Stair and Ramp Install for Millard Refrigerated Services
APEX Stairs and Ramp Installation for Millard Refrigerated Services in Watsonville, CA.
APEX Ramp and Stairs for Hershey
Crescent Park Dual APEX Ramp and Stairs installation for Hershey in Edwardsville, IL.
Generator stairs
Generator stair installation with stairs and platforms that service two generators