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Types of Stairs for Commercial and Industrial Use

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Many companies require access to elevated areas at some point. For instance, potential hazards include servicing HVAC equipment, accessing a loading dock, or even a crossover.

Many workplaces utilize scaffolding or ladders for these purposes. Yet these options are less efficient and can contribute to serious workplace accidents.

Commercial and industrial metal stairs have become the go-to for replacing ladders and scaffolding. Metal stairs are safer, more durable, increase worker productivity, and are easier to install. Upside Innovations is a leading manufacturer of OHSA, ADA, and IBC-compliant commercial and industrial metal stairs. We offer many configurations to meet the needs of any application. Below is an overview of common stair types, orientations, and installations.

Stair Orientation

Straight Run

The Straight Run is the simplest and most straightforward of all our stair assemblies. It requires just two anchor points – one at the top and one at the bottom – and can be placed anywhere in your home or office.

Two Straight Run

The Two Straight Run stair configuration mimics assembly of two straight run stairs connected with an intermediate landing. The second point, the landing point, determines the position of the landing, ensuring that your stairs are always in the same place.

Quarter Turn

The Quarter Turn accepts the landing point and distributes the treads in segments, making it easy to land and evenly distribute risers. You can orient the segment in 180 degrees in the X–Y plane, making it easy to find the perfect angle for your needs.

Half Turn

The Half Turn stair configuration is a space-saving alternative to the Quarter Turn stairs. It can be used in both residential and commercial applications. The direction point on the landing controls the width of the landing, keeping the segment orientation unchanged.

Two Quarter Turn

The two quarter turn stair assembly is more flexible to place. The two quarter turn stair is constructed with two sets of landing and direction points. With this increased flexibility, you can place your stairs exactly where you need them in your home or office!

Three Quarter Turn

The three quarter turn stair configurations, similarly to the two quarter turn stair, is more flexible to place. The three quarter turn has three sets of landing and direction points. With this level of flexibility, you can place your stairs exactly where you need them in your home or office!

Stair Types

Stair Towers

Upside Innovations offers fully customized stair towers to meet the needs of any application. Since no two applications are the same, our internal team of engineers will design a custom layout for your stair tower. Our team uses state-of-the-art tools to provide you with detailed drawings and a quote in a matter of minutes.

We design and build stair towers for any height and complexity. Our stair towers feature slip-resistant decking and are 100% aluminum, so they will not rust, warp, or rot. We ensure that all stair towers comply with ADA, IBC, OHSA, and local building codes. Our professional installation crew will ensure seamless delivery and installation. 

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Commercial Stairs

Upside Innovations manufactures and installs prefabricated commercial stairs that are always ADA or IBC-compliant. The aluminum stairs are solid and easy to maintain, and they offer slip-resistant decking, which can be designed to reach any height. Our engineering team develops a layout just for your project. Then, our professional installation team will install your commercial stairs in less than an hour.


In plant Office/Mezzanine Stairs

Also known as “mezzanine stairs”, Upside Innovations offers two styles of OHSA-compliant multi-story in plant office stairs. The Adjustable OSHA Stairway is a flex-style industrial stair with two-line rails. The stairs are adjustable between 8.5’ and 10.5’. The adjustable stairs are a great choice if you are unsure of the exact height you need or want something that can be moved if your warehouse expands.

The Fixed Industrial Stairway is a custom solution designed to meet the height needed to reach the multi-story plant office. This configuration also offers many decking options – knurled, extruded decking material, or aggressive-tread grip strut decking.

OMNIStep Feature rendering

Inplant Office/Mezzanine Stairs FAQ


Mezzanine stairs provide access to an intermediate floor between levels of a warehouse or building.


It depends on whether the stairs are permanent, natural elements such as salt water, how many people use them, etc. View our aluminum stair maintenance tips to maximize the lifespan of your mezzanine stairs.


We typically lease stairs for a minimum of 3 months. However, if we have the product in stock and can work within your timeline, we can most likely set up lease terms.

Generator Stairs

Upside Innovations manufactures OHSA-compliant aluminum generator access platform systems with stairs and railings. The stairs and platform feature a non-slip tread. We typically use a grip strut material that offers superior slip resistance in all travel directions. The aluminum construction offers superior strength, is low maintenance, and ensures a long product lifecycle. Upside’s generator stairs give employees safe and efficient access to generators to perform maintenance tasks.

Our engineering team can create custom layouts for any application—for instance, a platform for a single generator or a field of generators. We also provide optional installation for generator stairs to ensure that installation is done correctly the first time.

Rendering of an APEX generator access stairs

Loading Dock Stairs

Loading docks are one of industrial workplaces’ busiest and most hazardous locations. Most loading docks lack adequate safety warnings and measures to prevent workers from falling. Many utilize a fixed ladder at one end of the pier. Truck drivers and workers will often skip the ladder and jump onto the pavement when they are in a hurry.

Upside Innovations offers safe and efficient loading dock stairs. All our loading dock stairs are 100% OHSA compliant, helping drivers and workers to enter and exit the loading dock area safely. Our loading dock stairs are made of thick, structural aluminum channels for the step stringers and platform edges, offering unmatched strength and durability. The stairs and platform offer a slip-resistant tread and can typically be installed in less than an hour with no on-site welding and minimal bolts.


Hillside Steps

Hillsides present challenging, inefficient, and dangerous terrains. Upside Innovations designs, manufacture, and installs aluminum hillside steps for any application. Since every hillside is different, our internal team of engineers will work to design the perfect layout for your project. Since aluminum is lighter than any other material, it is ideally suited for the challenges of hillside installation. Moreover, they will not rust, warp, or rot.


Portable Stairs

Upside Innovations manufactures two types of OHSA-compliant portable stairs for mobile offices and construction trailers. Omni Steps offer robust aluminum construction with slip-resistant decking. In addition, the stairs are adjustable work platforms that are fully adjustable between the specified heights. For instance, the 21” – 26” portable stairs can be set to heights within that range.

Our Dual-Height Steps are partially adjustable. For instance, 28” – 35” portable stairs can be set to either 28” or 35” to meet the mobile office door threshold. You can also choose between knurled, extruded decking material or aggressive-tread grip strut decking for your deck. Both the Omni and Dual-Height portable stairs offer easy and quick assembly.


Semi-Trailer Steps

Most site trailers require portable semi-steps. Upside Innovations manufactures three different styles of semi-trailer steps for 48” tall trucks. These include standard trailer steps, trailer steps with a double top step, and a trailer step with a platform. All of our trailer steps feature extra-wide 4” steps, which enable two-way foot traffic. Lightweight aluminum construction allows stairs to move or lift into the trailer easily. In addition, our steps are OHSA compliant, offering handrails on both sides and a 3” grip strut channel for maximum stability.


Crossover Stairs and Platforms

Upside Innovations offers incredibly versatile crossover stairs that can be used for a potentially unlimited number of applications. Crossover stairs make it easy and safe for workers to get over horizontal pipes, production lines, and other floor-level obstacles. Unfortunately, workers attempting to avoid these obstacles is a common cause of potentially serious injuries.

Our OHSA-compliant crossover stairs come in many different configuration options with single steps, single platforms, or a complete step and platform solution. The stairs are made of durable and low-maintenance aluminum and offer several different decking options, including extruded, grip strut, fiber grate, or bar grate decking. In addition, we provide professional installation to ensure that your crossover stairs are installed correctly.

Crossover Stair

Roof Access Stairs

Roof access for industrial buildings and warehouses has become increasingly important in recent years. Workers need access to HVAC systems, solar panels, elevators, and communication towers. Ladders and cages are hazardous and can contribute to serious or even fatal injuries. Roof access stairs are a far more efficient and safer method for workers.

Upside Innovations manufactures and installs OHSA or ADA-compliant custom exterior roof access stairs. Our stairs feature slip-resistant decking, including extruded, grip strut, or bar grating to accommodate different needs and environments. Since no two applications are the same, our internal engineering team will design the perfect layout for your roof access stairs, and our professional installation crew will ensure that they are correctly installed.

Upside Innovations has the perfect industrial and commercial metal stairs solution for any company. All of our stairs are manufactured in the U.S. using the highest quality components and involve a superior engineering process. Call us, and we’ll be happy to help you design the perfect set of stairs for your application.

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Rooftop Stairs

Roof-top equipment requires ongoing maintenance to keep work environments totally safe. Workers accessing roof-tops to maintain equipment frequently meet accessibility challenges and obstacles such as pipes, skylights, ducts, and parapets, not to mention abundant trip and fall hazards. For roof-top accessibility and the ability to safely crossover over obstacles over 12″ height, an OSHA-compliant fixed roof-top stair or work platform is required.

Most commercial roofs are Built-Up Roof Membrane (BUR) made of rubber and/or tar. All roof-top stair installations should use non-penetrating mounting solutions to be effective. Roof curbs and equipment rails (see below for more info) are installed when the roof is created or redone. Both are raised structural elements located under the roof membrane. If your roof-top project requires these solutions, it can be costly and time-consuming to add them. For lighter equipment, such as stairs, a less expensive base plate is all that is needed to be safe and effective.

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