Commercial Stairs

Heavy-Duty Aluminum

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Commercial Stairs

Heavy-Duty Aluminum


Rendering of 49" tall aluminum ADA step
Rendering of 49" tall aluminum ADA step

Product Features:

We will manufacture and install prefab commercial stairs for your project. Our aluminum steps are always ADA and/or IBC compliant to make sure that your public entrance passes inspection.

Long Product Lifecycle
Our aluminum stairs will never rust, so they are low maintenance and have a long life.

ADA & IBC Compliant
We manufacture exterior aluminum stairs and platforms that follow ADA Stair Code and IBC Stair Code.

Is your stair part of a means of egress exit?

Slip-Resistant Decking
We use a solid material that has raised ridges for slip resistance. How do we prevent water accumulation?

Quick & Easy Installation
Upside’s prefabricated metal stairs typically take about 1 hour to install.

Customized Layouts
Our team of engineers designs a layout drawing just for your project. Professional Engineer stamps available.

Reach Any Height
Our team can design modular stairs to reach any height you need. Check out our stair towers.

ADA Step Dimensions (Standard)

MATERIALMill finish aluminum extrusions and sheet
HEIGHTWe use 6″, 6.5″, or 7″ rises between the treads to reach any height
WIDTH (STEPS > 30″)48″ between the handrails, 60″ out-to-out
WIDTH (STEPS ≤ 30″)48″ between the handrails, 52″ out-to-out
TREAD DEPTH12″ (11″ + 1″ nosing)
PLATFORM SIZES64″ x 64″, 64″ x 96″, 72″ x 72″ (other sizes available)
GUARDRAIL (STEPS > 30″)42″ high
GUARDRAIL (STEPS ≤ 30″)Guardrail incorporated below handrail
HANDRAIL36″ high
BALUSTERSLess than 4″ apart
WEIGHT CAPACITY100 lbs/sqft Live Load, 300 lbs point load over a sqft area
POWDER COATING (OPTIONAL)Ask a solutions advisor for available color options

Our Work

Our Service

Our team designs, manufactures, ships, and installs ADA-compliant, commercial stairs to fit YOUR custom project. We work with you, from start to finish on your toughest layouts, making sure our access solutions are customized to reach the correct height and exact configuration.

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