Generator Access Platform Stairs

Elevated Walkways

Product Features:

We manufacture aluminum generator access platform systems with stairs and railings for industrial generators. When the generator requires maintenance, keep employees safe by installing a durable, slip-resistant walkway system.


Non-Slip Tread

We typically use grip strut material for outdoor generator stairs and platforms because it is slip-resistant in all directions of travel. Grip strut has holes in the surface, so if you require a solid tread, we also offer a less aggressive extruded decking.

OSHA Compliant

All of our generator walkways and stairs are OSHA compliant to keep generator maintenance employees safe.

Long Product Lifecycle

Our all-aluminum products will never rust which means they are a low-maintenance product and have a long product lifecycle.

Custom Layouts

We will design an access system for your application whether it is a single generator or a field of generators.

Professional Installation

We provide optional installation to ensure that the generator access platform is installed correctly the first time.



Custom heights


No less than 22″ between handrails


9-1/2″ or 12″ (11″ nose to nose with a 1″ overhang)


Any rise to meet overall height – must be 30° – 50° from the ground


36″ high


Custom to your application


42″ high

Our Service

Our team designs, manufactures, ships, and installs ADA-compliant aluminum wheelchair ramps to fit YOUR custom project. We work with you, from start to finish on your toughest layouts, making sure our commercial access ramps are customized to reach the correct height and exact configuration.