Stair Towers

Stair Towers

Designed to meet your exact specifications, our APEX Stair Tower System comes prefabricated to bolt together on-site. There is no need for welding, and our team can design the stair tower to reach any height required. Our professional installation crew is on hand to ensure your project goes as smoothly as possible.

Because our APEX stair tower system is modular, ramps, stairs and railings can be reused or reconfigured as your needs change. Modular stair towers, platform landings, legs, and handrails bolt together without any on-site welding.

Upside’s APEX stairs are engineered to integrate with our ramps and canopies seamlessly and make a great solution for modular buildings

View stair tower installations

stair tower
Warehouse Rooftop Stair Tower Installation
Navy Medical Fire House Stair
Our custom 2-story stair tower and entryway stair at the Navy Medical Center Fire House in Bethesda, MD. These tailor-made, durable aluminum stairs demonstrate our commitment to providing unique, functional solutions for challenging environments.
modular office stairwell and canopy
Showcasing the union of efficiency, versatility, and sustainability, this photo captures Upside Innovations' installation of a modular aluminum stairwell and weather-resistant canopy for a temporary two-story office, featuring elements that are as easy to assemble as they are to reconfigure and designed to be compliant with ADA, IBC, and OSHA standards.
Stair tower installation at a tank farm
Upside Innovations' OSHA-compliant Aluminum Stair Tower installation at an industrial tank farm, providing secure and efficient access to a set of tanks.
switchback stair tower in warehouse
Interior 45' Switchback Stair Tower installation at a warehouse facility for providing roof access.
stair tower
This a Stair Tower installation for Modular Genius Duluth, GA
2-story stairway tower
This APEX stairway tower was installed at a modular building in Lusby, MD
stairs tower installation
These stairs tower were installed at one of the entrances of Fort Story - Virginia Beach, VA
stairs tower installation
These stairs tower were installed at one of the entrances of Firehouse in Bethesda, MD
stair tower installation
This stair tower system was installed at a modular building for Gerdau Ameristeel.
Industrial Mezzanine Stair Tower install
This Industrial Mezzanine Stair Tower was installed for access to an Inside office/mezzanine.
stair tower and platform installation
The Upside APEX Stair system was used for A/C maintenance at this modular complex at the Department of Veterans Affairs.
Stair Tower with Doorway Canopies
A 2-story, IBC-compliant modular stair system with three landings and dual canopies, designed and installed using our APEX product system for enhanced safety, egress, and fire code compliance.
APEX Stair tower installation at Four Bridges CC in West Chester, OH
This APEX ADA stair tower installation was installed at Four Bridges CC in West Chester, OH
APEX Stair Tower for Health Club
This APEX Stair Tower was installed for gym users to reach the top level of Genesis Health Club.
Roof Access OMNI Stair Tower
OSHA-compliant roof access stair tower with grip strut decking at a key data center in Boston
Modular Stilt Stair Tower Install
This modular apartment complex in Culver, IN used an APEX stair and railing systems to gain access to the second floor constructed deck.
Warehouse Roof Access OMNI Stair Tower
This OMNI Stair Tower was installed for users of the pictured warehouse to access the rooftop.
Modular Building Canopy & APEX Stairs
A custom powder coated APEX system featuring both the APEX canopy and APEX stair tower helped add to the looks of this modular installation.
IBC Stair Tower Awning Dentist KY
This IBC Stair Tower with Doorway awning was installed for a Dentist building in Louisville, Kentucky.
2nd Floor Access APEX Stair Tower
This APEX Stair Tower provides users with access to the second floor of the building pictured.
Fire Escape APEX Stairs & Canopy
ADA-compliant fire exit staircase with canopy installation for a school
Warehouse APEX Stair Tower Install
This APEX Stair Tower has been installed inside a warehouse.
Cherokee Health APEX Stair Tower
This is Cherokee Health and Human Services' new APEX Stair Tower
Amazon OSHA Roof Access Stairwell Tower
This is an Interior OSHA Roof Access Stairwell Tower installation for an Amazon Distribution Warehouse
custom ramp and stair tower
This first floor entrance of Ayer-Shirley Regional High School is accessible thanks to the installation of our custom made ramp and stairs tower that leads right to it. The installation was done by Consigli Construction.
Stair Tower & APEX Ramp Install, FL
This Stair Tower & APEX Ramp have been installed at a warehouse in Jacksonville, Florida.
APEX Stair Tower Pressbox, IL
This APEX Stair Tower has been installed at Pressbox in Naperville, Illinois.
Valeo Climate Control OSHA Stair Tower
Pictured is Valeo Climate Control's OSHA Certified APEX Stair Tower, providing upper level access in their Fairfield, Ohio warehouse.
APEX Stair Tower Installation
This is a Second Story APEX Stair Tower Installation for a residential building.
OSHA Stair Tower Kernersville NC
This OSHA Stair Tower has been installed at the pictured warehouse in Kernersville, North Carolina for mezzanine access.
APEX Stair Tower System & Ramp for School NJ
This is our APEX Stair Tower System with a Ramp that was installed for Beloved Community Charter School in New Jersey.
stair tower and canopy installation
Entry Canopy on Stair Tower
modular stair tower and canopy installation
This stilt house in Charleston, SC has access thanks to the modular installation of this stair tower with landing. There's a doorway canopy installed as a shelter.
fire escape stair tower.
This is an IBC compliant fire escape stair tower.
stair tower for roof access
This is a modular stair tower installation with proper landing leading to a roof.
mezzanine access stairs
An APEX OSHA-compliant industrial stair tower installation for mezzanine access at a manufacturing facility.
APEX OSHA Stair Tower Warehouse Mezzanine
This APEX OSHA Stair Tower provides access to the pictured Warehouse Mezzanine.