Loading Dock Steps

DOCK Steps

Our warehouse and loading dock steps are the perfect lightweight, heavy-duty solution for your loading dock. Because DOCK Step is prefabricated [Stair Specs] and modular, it bolts together in about an hour.

loading dock stairs

We manufacture industrial loading dock stairs for warehouses and distribution centers that will never rust, warp, or rot. Our products are always compliant so that employees can safely enter and exit the loading dock area.

Modular dock steps, landings, legs, and handrails bolt together without any on-site welding. Because of this, dock steps can be adjusted, reconfigured, and even relocated.

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This DOCK Step installation at a NJ facility replaced outdated, rust-afflicted steel dock stairs.
Dock Step installation with Grip Strut decking
This project consisted of installing a number of Loading Dock Steps on a warehouse in Lima, OH. This set has closed-back risers and has a 5' by 5' platform.
Tucson Commerce Center dock steps
At the Tucson Commerce Center, these are three of the 28 Dock Step installations. With our prefabricated design, installation took just an hour per unit—a stark contrast to the half-day for conventional stairs. This efficiency, combined with a $2,000 saving per stair, amounted to a total saving of $56,000.
Dock Step bar grating
Dock Step installation with bar grating decking
awning dock steps and walkway installation
These dock steps, awning and walkway were installed at a modular building in Columbia Terminal, NJ.
dock steps installation
These dock steps were installed at a modular building in McAllen, TX
entry stairs installation
These area of rescue dock stairs were installed at a warehouse for Ranger Construction.
dock steps and platform installation
These dock steps and platform system was installed for Utility Technologies International Corporation
modular entry stairs
ADA / IBC compliant bar grating DOCK step installed on a commercial warehouse building
dock steps installation
This is an Omni Step with custom color for a New Frontier's Tiny Home.
modular dock steps and platform installation
These grip strut dock steps and platform were installed for the accessibility of a container with flammable liquid.
ADA APEX Stairs Installed at Warehouse
ADA/IBC compliant APEX Stairs Installed on a Warehouse.
Dock Steps for GA Modular Container Building
These Dock Steps leading to a platform run are for more convenient access to a Modular Container Building in McDonough, Georgia.
DOCK steps with Aluminum Railings for Warehouse
Pictured is a DOCK Step with Aluminum Railings for a Warehouse.
Warehouse Grip Strut Dock Steps
This is a picture of Dock Steps that were installed with Grip Struts for a Warehouse.
Modular Warehouse Dock Steps
This Modular Warehouse has Dock Steps Installed in Mississippi.
IBC Awning and OSHA Loading Dock Step Installed at Seal-Rite
This is a IBC Awning and OSHA Loading Dock Step that were at a Seal-Rite building in Omaha, Nebraska.
OMNI Steps and Platform Run for National Grid
The pictured OMNI Steps and Platform Run were Installed for a National Grid Modular Building in Dorchester, Massachusetts.
DOCK Steps and Aluminum Handrails Installed at KY Warehouse
DOCK Steps with Aluminum Handrails Installed for Warehouse in Louisville
Custom DOCK Steps Installed for SC Warehouse
These are custom-built DOCK Steps that were created and installed for a warehouse in Williamston, South Carolina.
Dock Steps with Grip Struts Installed at SC Warehouse
These Dock Steps with Grip Struts were Installed at a South Carolina Warehouse.
Grip Strut DOCK Steps Installed at Warehouse Building in Edgerton, KS
These Grip Strut DOCK Steps have been Installed at the pictured Warehouse Building located in Edgerton, Kansas.
Grip Strut Dock Step Warehouse Install
This Grip Strut-style Dock Step was Installed at a Warehouse in El Segundo, California.
Grip Strut DOCK Step Installed by AHI Facility
This Grip Strut DOCK Steps for access to the pictured building was Installed by AHI Facility Services in Dallas, Texas.