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Nationwide Installation | ADA / IBC Compliant | Made in USA

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To help you reach the top, we provide you with:

  • Uniform riser heights.  Steps are made with 6″, 6-1/2″ or 7″ riser height.
  • Standard step heights between 12″ and 60″.  Custom sizes available when needed.
  • Compliant step nosing on all steps, including the top step up to the platform.
  • All steps maintain a 4′ width in between handrails.
  • Closed back step risers.
  • Vertical balusters on all guardrails maintain a less than 4″ gap as required.

Upside’s aluminum ramps and steps are manufactured ADA / IBC compliant and follow your state’s code and guidelines. Our guaranteed compliant access solutions will make the inspection process worry free, every time.

How Upside is different:

  • Stay Compliant.  Since International Building Code (IBC) requires a similar nosing on all step edges, including to the top platform, the Upside design gives you just that.
  • Reusable Platform.  No need for a specialty platform.  The Upside design uses the same platform everywhere, whether you need a step attached, a ramp attached or another platform.  Reuse our step platform in another application when your job is done.
  • Perfect Height.  Upside offers standard step riser height of 6″, 6-1/2″ or 7″, providing a wide variety of finished step heights for your exact need.


Rest assured that by using Upside Innovations, you are using steps that are actually compliant with ADA codes and IBC standards as well as with your state’s codes and guidelines.

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  • Hidden welds
  • All aluminum construction
  • Easily customizable
  • ADA & IBC Compliant
  • Standardized Platform design
  • "The quality of the material is above standard; this is a strong product that reflects the pride and craftsmanship of Upside's team."

Unique Solutions


When your standard construction trailers are being used as hiring trailers, let Upside handle ADA access with our leasing program.  Simple, quick, short-term solutions.


(Schools, Churches, Fortune 500 Companies)
Our aluminum access products follow ADA/IBC compliance and are often the first impression to your facility.  Make the best first impression with Upside.


With extensive experience in the modular building industry, our high quality aluminum product makes us the seamless turnkey partner.

ADA/IBC Compliant

Upside Innovations ADA/IBC compliant steps include: Uniform riser heights and tread widths, Steps made with 6”, 6 ½” or 7” riser height, Closed back riser and rounded bullnose, and Balusters or pickets leave no more than 3 ½” gap.


We have created a seamless method for installing our ADA ramps. Most modular ramps can be installed within 5-6 hours, providing your building with the code compliant ADA handicapped access it needs.


Own or Lease! Ordering with Upside is easy. Just sign and send back your quote and set up a payment option. We accept check or credit card. Lease ADA ramps and steps to best fit your timeline.

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