Ramp Decking Material

What is a Modular Wheelchair Ramp?

What do people mean when they ask for a modular wheelchair ramp?  The term “modular ramp” is the same as a “prefabricated ramp,” which means that the ramp is built in pieces off-site and then assembled and installed on-site. Typically, modular wheelchair ramps are made from aluminum because it is lightweight and can be easily transported and installed. Modular ramps can also be made from painted or galvanized steel, precast concrete, or a combination of metal and treated lumber. You may even design ramps using construction software to visualize how it looks in your facility. Modular ramps that are not made from aluminum are heavy, difficult to install, and do not have as much longevity.

At Upside, we build our modular wheelchair ramp with the following major building blocks:

  • Ramp bases – the walking surface and base structure of our ramps.
  • Ramp guardrails – the guardrail and handrail that attach to the ramp bases. Ramp guardrails are built on an angle, so when installed on a 1:12 slope ramp, the guardrail posts are vertical. Our guardrails never have more than a 4” gap.
  • Platforms – the flat decks used at the building threshold as a resting or turning platform. Our platforms can be connected to make larger walking surfaces, and our ramps and steps can attach to the platforms when elevation changes occur.
  • Platform guardrails – the guardrails attached to our platforms’ edges. These include compliant edge guards for those platforms when installed.
  • Step risers and guardrails – step assemblies that attach to a platform and include a consistent and compliant rise down to the ground, along with guardrails and handrails that are connected in the field to the step riser.
  • Miscellaneous legs, connectors, and keys support our ramp bases and platforms, along with a finishing touch, to ensure that the entire system is connected and secured properly.

Modular wheelchair ramps allow us to build all our guardrails, platforms, and ramps in a controlled environment, ensuring that our product meets all the nuanced ADAAG guidelines.  Our product is tested for load requirements, and we know that our product can hold a 300-pound concentrated load and 100 pounds per square foot.  The other great thing about the Upside modular wheelchair ramp system is that when the product is no longer needed, we can move the product, reconfigure it and reuse it at a new location while staying compliant.