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Top 8 Free Construction Project Management Tools

There are many aspects of managing a construction project that can be overwhelming such as budgeting, planning, scheduling, bid management, reporting, etc. There is even more stress that can be incurred from the amount of money spent on tools to keep track of everything.

It isn’t recommended to use too many different software options, but the following free and open source construction management software quick-fixes can patch up your manual construction processes.

2-Plan Desktop

2-Plan is an integrated project management software that combines several tools for project planning and project execution. It is particularly good for construction companies because it can handle complicated projects. 2-Plan Desktop syncs with iOS, and there are free extensions such as cost management, risk management, and project materials management.


This software is for the more technically inclined because companies must self-host on LAMP or WAMP. Users can use the OpenDocMan for multiple functions such as hosting an unlimited number of files, file expiration, revision history, and detailed search.

Efficient Calendar Free

This free scheduling software allows you to maintain a calendar, track tasks, and manage projects. It can run on Windows, Android, and iOS, but it does not import .ics files which may be a drawback.


Estimate is a web-based cost estimating software designed for medium and large civil construction and engineering procurement and construction companies (EPC) but can be used by other companies within the construction industry. This analytical tool can help you estimate the length of your project, analyze costs and spending, and tender evaluation. There are even industry-specific calculators for specialty construction companies.

Estimator Application

This cost estimating software is a bare-bones, simple spreadsheet with pre-filled equations commonly used by contractors. Companies typically use this tool to estimate larger projects and use that data to produce proposals. This software does not offer much in terms of support, but it can be useful once you learn how to use it.


This software provides an overview of all your projects, tasks, visual displays for project progress, space for drawings, document management, and in-app communication features. This app is helpful because it is accessible on Android and iOS and can be accessed while in the field.


CurrentSet is a free drawing management software that offers unlimited sheets and projects. It helps construction teams collaborate on project drawings, giving them the power to view, mark up, and share plans. This cloud-based program also syncs with a mobile app to keep all of your drawings in one place and to help you save money on printing costs and labor. When paired with a project management software, project managers can get the most out of the tool.


This cloud-based software was designed to help construction companies manage their day-to-day tasks including scheduling, procurement, document and drawing storage, and operative tracking. The software can be easily accessed from a variety of mobile devices which makes it ideal for your construction team in the field.