Cold Storage Facility Entrance Canopy Installation

Cold Storage Entrance Canopy

Prefabricated entryway canopy installation at a cold storage facility

Prefabricated Entryway Canopy

Our prefabricated, commercial entry door canopies at installed on this cold storage facility is designed to provide protection against the elements. Featuring an internal drainage system, these entry canopies protect entryways and prevent water from pooling and creating hazardous conditions.

Key Features

We understand that each project is unique. That's why our canopies are available in custom colors and can be designed to fit single-story buildings as well as complex, multi-story structures. Our team of engineers provides professional engineer stamps to ensure compliance with all local building codes and regulations.

Internal Drainage

The canopy is equipped with a discrete internal drainage system, effectively diverting water away from the entryway and ensuring a dry and safe passage for everyone.


Constructed from 100% industrial-grade aluminum, our canopies are built to last. They are resistant to rust, warping, and rotting, providing a long-lasting solution that requires minimal maintenance.

Always Compliant

Our canopies are designed to meet International Building Code (IBC) standards and local building codes, ensuring your awning project is compliant with all necessary regulations.

Fast Installation

Thanks to the prefabricated design, our canopies can be bolted together on-site without the need for welding, making installation quick and hassle-free.

Professional Installation

To guarantee the highest quality and smooth execution of your project, our professional installation crew is available to handle the setup.

Versatile Applications

Upside Innovations' canopies are perfect for various settings, including:

Our modular design allows for easy integration with Upside's stair and ramp solutions, creating a cohesive and efficient entry system. The canopies are also reconfigurable, meaning they can be adjusted or expanded as your needs change.

Sustainable Materials

Our canopies are made with aluminum alloys containing recycled content, contributing to LEED v4.1 credits and other green building rating systems.

Ready to Upgrade Your Entryway?

If you're looking to enhance your facility with a durable, stylish, and compliant entryway canopy, Upside Innovations has you covered. Contact us today for an quote.

Canopy Shelters

APEX entry canopies, covered walkways, and cantilever awnings feature modular components that bolt together.

This eliminates custom fabrication, code compliance issues, and time-consuming engineering while reducing costs, installation time, and complexity. Weather-resistant aluminum can be reconfigured to adapt to changing applications or remobilizations and ensure the industry’s longest service life.

We will design a custom, prefabricated canopy to fit your application. Whether your canopy is for a 10’ walkway or a 500’ walkway, our engineering team has got you covered. Common applications include schools, hospitals, restaurants, parks, and university campuses.

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APEX System The APEX System is a line of integrated access products that can be configured to meet the most challenging applications.


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