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Upside’s Access Solutions for Cold Storage Buildings

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At Upside Innovations, we specialize in manufacturing high-quality aluminum access products tailored to meet unique requirements. Our loading dock stairs, stair towers, and canopy products are the perfect addition to ensure safe access in and around these buildings.

Enhancing Cold Storage Buildings

With the increasing demand for fresh produce, pharmaceuticals, and other perishable goods, cold storage buildings are becoming more vital than ever. Outdated cold storage buildings are also receiving improvements. These facilities require specialized environments to maintain low temperatures, ensuring the integrity and longevity of stored products. However, managing these environments also necessitates robust and reliable access solutions that can withstand harsh conditions.

Why Choose Aluminum?

Aluminum is an ideal material for access products in cold storage buildings for multiple reasons:

  • Rust/Warp Free: Aluminum will never rust, warp, or rot. Making this material favorable over steel or wood. This can be crucial in cold storage environments where moisture and temperature fluctuations are common.
  • Low Maintenance: Aluminum stair towers and loading dock stairs require minimal maintenance compared to steel alternatives, translating to lower long-term costs and fewer operational disruptions.
  • Cost Savings: Our prefabricated solutions often come in at a lower price than steel fabrication. The products are turn-key solutions and do not require on-site welding. Upside is able to deliver across the country and install.

Aluminum Stair Towers: Safe and Efficient Access

Our aluminum stair towers provide safe and efficient vertical access on the interior or exterior of cold storage facilities. Designed with safety in mind, these stair towers offer:

  • Non-Slip Surfaces: Safety is paramount in cold storage environments. Our stair treads feature non-slip surfaces to prevent accidents, even in icy or wet conditions. We also offer open-tread decking, we have a grip strut decking and bar grating decking. Both designed to allow rain and snow to pass through or create a grip for foot traffic.
  • Compliance with Codes: All Upside products meet ADA/IBC-compliance or OSHA-compliance, ensuring peace of mind for facility or safety managers. 
  • Project Specificity: Although our products are prefabricated, our sales team quotes a configuration specific to your elevation height and footprint. Then, our engineers create project specific drawings for your approval.

Aluminum Loading Dock Stairs: Streamlining Operations

Loading docks are a hub at cold storage facilities, where goods are constantly moved in and out. Our aluminum loading dock stairs are designed to facilitate this critical function:

  • Easy Access: Our stairs provide employees with easy and safe access to loading docks, improving operational efficiency and reducing the risk of accidents.
  • Heavy Duty: Built to withstand heavy foot traffic and the rigors of daily use, our loading dock stairs are a dependable choice for busy cold storage facilities.
  • Prefabricated: Our heavy duty loading dock stair design is manufactured to be a turn-key solution for easy install, unlike steel loading dock stairs that require welding on-site.

Aluminum Walkway Canopies and Awnings: Protection from the Elements

Our walkway canopies and cantilever awnings are other essential products to assist in operations of cold storage facilities: 

  • Internal Drainage: Both our walkway canopy and cantilever awning are equipped with internal drainage, no need for attaching a gutter. The walkway canopies drain through the posts and the awnings have internal drainage in the frame, using a scupper plate to redirect the water.  
  • Unique Layouts: We can achieve any length with each canopy product. The walkway canopies have a maximum width of 12’ between the posts and we can connect canopies side by side with shared posts. The cantilever awning has a maximum 5’ projection off the building using hanger rods to tie back to the building.
  • Standard or Custom Color: Powder-coating the aluminum product allows for a clean look. Our standard colors are white or black and other custom colors can be requested.


At Upside Innovations, we are committed to providing top-quality aluminum products that enhance the safety and efficiency of cold storage buildings. Whether you need aluminum stair towers for vertical access, loading dock stairs for streamlined operations or a canopy to protect material or employees from the elements – our solutions are designed to meet the challenges of these essential facilities. As the demand for cold storage grows, you can trust Upside Innovations to deliver the access solutions you need to stay ahead.

Cold Storage Entrance Canopy
Brittany Dozier Sales Rep Commercial Construction

Take a look at this recent project for a cold storage facility. One of our sales representatives Brittany Dozier sold the walkway canopy pictured in the far right of the loading dock, to a facility in Georgia.

Have a similar project you need to be quoted? Reach out to Brittany at bdozier@upsideinnovations.com