Our roots are in the modular building industry.  Our first customers were modular building dealers and our largest customers are still modular building dealers.  Because of this long relationship, we have built our business around servicing this industry.  In 2009, we made a bet that by offering a high quality product and providing unwavering service to that industry, we could be successful.  Essentially we are attempting to offer you an alternate choice in a competitive industry, a choice you will find to be simple to do business with.  We invite you to take a look around our site, and more importantly ask some of your friends in the industry about us.  We trust that our current and past customers will tell you that Upside is trustworthy, has a great product and most importantly, does what we say we will do.

Turnkey solutions

Tired of buying a ramp from one vendor, finding financing alternatives from another vendor and then having to contract a third vendor for installation?  Look no further than Upside Innovations, we will do it all.  Not only do we design and manufacture our own product, but we also offer both sales and lease options, and by the way, we actually install our products with our own team members.

Speedy quotes

We understand you’re busy trying to win your deals.  A lot of times this means that you may not have a whole lot of time to wait on a quote back on a project.  Our sales group is used to the speed you require and most of the time will have a quote back on a ramp the same day, and you are guaranteed to have a standard ramp quote back within 24 hours max.  One call is all it takes.  Make sure to check out our Ramp and Step Measurement Guide to help you plan your project.

We’ve got your back

We plan on every job going perfectly, but we also understand the reality of working in the construction industry.  We know that despite all of the planning, pictures and pre-measurements there are unforeseen issues that arise when bringing a prefabricated aluminum ramp system to a construction site.  Rest assured that the Upside Team is ready for this and can quickly modify our product configuration to make sure that the final installation fits perfectly.

We will work with you to determine the best course of action when those issues do arise and quickly make it happen so you aren’t left with a half finished installation waiting weeks for new product to arise.  This is the environment we work in and we therefore have processes in place to quickly adapt.

The perfect step

What do we mean by the perfect step?  Well, to start with we feel like it is our responsibility to offer a large enough range of steps that no matter where your finished floor elevation lands, we will have a standard step offering to maintain your compliance.  For this reason, we manufacture standard aluminum step risers with 6″, 6-1/2″, or 7″ rises so we can make nineteen different standard step risers between 12″ and 60″.  This simple little fact makes Upside’s offering the right offering for your next project.  Don’t worry about trying to make some other manufacturer’s 35″ step work for a 39″ door, call us and we will bring out that perfect 39″ step.

Guaranteed compliant

We believe in paying attention to all the details.  That is why we add that one detail that so many others ignore, the compliant nosing when stepping from the top of our step riser onto the platform.  We could leave it off and hope that the inspector does not notice it, but we do it because we want to make sure that your step is actually compliant to International Building Code.  You will also notice that we do not give you the option to change the height of our bottom riser because we choose not to manufacture a non-compliant aluminum step.  It might be easier for us to cut corners like others do, but it puts you at risk and we choose not to do that.

Reuse, Reconfigure, Really easy

We know that these jobs will not last forever and at some point you could end up bringing these steps and platforms back to wait until they can be reused.  With the Upside design, all of our ADA platforms and walkway systems work together with our ADA Steps and our ADA Ramps.  Not all manufacturer’s systems work this way, but rest assured that you will be able to add to our system or reconfigure our parts and pieces for your next project.  After all, how often are two sites the same?

Connecting your sites

Whether you are installing a single building or trying to connect an entire campus, you can use the Upside aluminum canopy and walkway system as your solution.  We can install our products over a single door or down an entire sidewalk to connect the walking path between multiple buildings.  Our powder coated aluminum system carries the water away through the gutter system integrated into the aluminum posts.

Value-added products

As you are looking at ways to increase your overall offerings to your customers, consider using the Upside Aluminum Canopy and Walkway System.  Our canopy systems are a perfect way to put the finishing touch on your project.  Give your customers the option to either cover just the top platform or an entire ramp, and add that wow factor to your latest project.

Tackling the toughest jobs

When you have those challenging projects and don’t know how to handle them, give Upside a call.  We are ready to design and install your access systems for your next multi-level project.  Whether you are stacking modular buildings or containers, we have the solution for your needs.

Start to finish project management

Lean on Upside’s sales and engineering team to manage your multi-level access needs from the design stages through installation.  Our team is used to handling these challenging projects and thrives on them.  Whether you have a straightforward OSHA compliant straight step or a 45′ tall multi-switchback stair tower, Upside has the experience and expertise to handle it.  Call us now to speak with one of our team members about your next project.

Omni-Steps: We get pretty excited about OSHA, let us tell you why

There is finally some innovation occurring in OSHA steps.  The Upside Omni-Step is the first and only fully adjustable, OSHA compliant, office trailer access step on the market.  With this unique step system, you set the platform at the threshold and then the steps will swing down to the ground while maintaining equal step heights as required by code.

Other’s offerings may claim to be “fully adjustable” and allow their lowest step to raise and lower, but what do you think the OSHA inspector will say?  Why take the risk?

28-35 IN OMNI

Dual-Steps: Basic steps done better

When you are looking for a simple, two-height OSHA step that will stand up to the toughest job sites, look no further than Upside’s Dual-step.  Our step is designed as a 28″ / 35″, 35″ / 42″, or a 42″ / 49″ adjustable step.  The best thing about it?  We weld this step to last.  Say goodbye to calling back to your manufacturer about cracked welds.  We have made it a war on weld cracks and we are winning.  Every Upside welder is taught the proper welding techniques to prevent the cracks from ever starting.  Shhhh, don’t tell our competitors that there is a better way to weld!

28-35 Dual Step at 35 View 1

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