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ADA Ramps and Steps for Modular Housing Facility

A Bridge Home initiative in Los Angeles, California was put into place in 2018 in an effort to help individuals who are living on the streets to find jobs and homes. To accomplish this, the city has deployed dozens of bridge housing sites and has plans to deploy many more. Each site contains several modular housing units and resources for mental health, employment, addiction, and future housing placement.

Design Space Modular Buildings, Inc. supplied the modular buildings and partnered with us to design and manufacture the aluminum walkways, ADA ramps, and ADA stairs. There is a total of 8 modular buildings, 1 sprung structure, 8 modular ADA ramps, 12 sets of ADA stairs, and roughly 3,900 square feet of aluminum walkway platforms.

We specialize in large, modular facility projects because we have a large stock of ADA ramp, step, and platform material, and we offer hands-on project management from quotation to installation. We have in-house engineers and project managers that worked with Design Space Modular Buildings to develop a layout and timeline that fit within the city’s schedule for opening the facility.

“Upside has provided the nicest looking product, we have had compliments from the City of LA accessibility inspectors. [The] product is the nicest I have worked with. Response time on the sales side, engineering and installation have been of great quality. The installation team has been great to work with on even the challenging sites, they always work to accommodate issues that come up due to site conditions, inclement weather, and tight schedules.”

– Jose A.
Design Space Modular Buildings