Modular Classroom Access (ADA Steps and Ramps)

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We recently manufactured and installed ADA-compliant steps and ramps along with an aluminum canopy for modular classroom access in West Virginia. The modular classrooms were set up as a temporary solution because the original school building had water damage from the 2016 flood. FEMA helped provide resources for a temporary school, and Modular Genius, a modular building company, was hired to supply the classrooms. In total, the building company supplied 45,000 square feet of space and connected each modular section to each other to create the entire system. Modular buildings are becoming more common because they are quicker and easier to build and install than conventional construction methods.

After installing the modular classrooms, Upside was contracted to manufacture and install aluminum steps, ramps, and a canopy. Below are overhead images of the completed project.

In total, Upside Innovations supplied ten (10) ADA-compliant steps, three (3) ADA-compliant ramps, and one (1) walkway canopy. The steps and ramps were placed evenly throughout the modular building system. ADA steps are placed at both ends of each of the modular building rows and at the connectors that spanned between each row. Ramps are placed in the front and back of the building system so that anybody in a wheelchair can safely enter and exit.

The canopy connects three modular buildings together; one part of the canopy section spans the distance between two modular buildings and then covers a walkway which connects to the third modular building.

Ramps and steps for modular classrooms
Ramps, Steps, and Canopy provided by Upside InnovationsOrange dot = ADA-compliant steps; Black dot = ADA-compliant ramps

The images below show two of the steps and two of the ramps that Upside manufactured and installed on the modular classroom site; the products below are represented by the two orange dots and the two black dots in the circled area above. After the steps and ramps were installed, the canopy was installed overtop to provide a dry walking surface for the students.

Check out Upside’s modular classroom access products.

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