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Modular Classroom Access – ADA Steps and Ramps

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Our team designs, manufactures, and installs ADA steps, ADA ramps, and canopies for modular classrooms. We work on all types of projects from single classrooms to large, modular school complexes.

Modular Classroom Access – ADA Steps and Ramps

Case Study:

We manufactured and installed steps, ramps, and a canopy for modular classroom access in West Virginia. The modular classrooms were a temporary solution because the original school building had water damage from the 2016 flood. FEMA helped provide resources for the school, and the organization contracted Modular Genius to supply the modular classrooms.

In total, the Modular Genius supplied 45,000 square feet of space. After installing the modular classrooms, Modular Genius purchased aluminum steps, ramps, and a canopy from us. Below are overhead images of the completed project.

In total, we supplied 10 ADA steps, 3 ADA ramps, and a walkway canopy. We installed the steps and ramps throughout the complex, so each building had ADA access. We installed the canopy over the shared walkway, which connected three of the modular classrooms together.

Ramps and steps for modular classrooms
Ramps, Steps, and Canopy provided by Upside Innovations
Orange dot = ADA-compliant steps; Black dot = ADA-compliant ramps

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