Navy Medical Fire House Stair

Custom Stair Solutions at Navy Medical Center Fire House in Bethesda

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As the manufacturer of specialized access solutions, Upside Innovations was able to contribute to the Navy Medical Center Fire House project in Bethesda, MD. This project posed unique challenges that required our engineering and design skills to provide practical and efficient stair solutions.

Client: Naval Support Activity Bethesda
Location: Bethesda, MD
Project: Navy Medical Center Fire House
Collaborator: Modular Genius
Category: Modular, Medical

The Challenge

The project at Naval Support Activity Bethesda aimed to rebuild its fire station while maintaining operational efficiency. It involved constructing a temporary structure on a challenging site with underground utility lines. The key was to ensure that the new temporary building, while being functional, also blended seamlessly with the building and area elevation.

At Upside Innovations, we provided:

  • 2-Story Stair Tower: This custom-designed aluminum stair tower facilitated safe and efficient access within the temporary fire station, reflecting our commitment to functional and durable design.
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  • Entryway Stair: Our additional entryway stair solution complemented the stair tower, enhancing the overall accessibility of the temporary structure.
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Our use of aluminum in these products ensured they were not only sturdy and reliable but also capable of withstanding the demanding conditions of the site.

The Solution

In line with our commitment to excellence, the temporary structure was equipped with sound insulation and high-standard MEP configurations. Our stair solutions were integral in achieving a quick and cost-effective renovation, ensuring the continuous operation of the fire station during this period.


This project at the Navy Medical Center Fire House in Bethesda is a prime example of how Upside Innovations can tailor its products to meet specific client needs. Our ability to design and manufacture stair solutions that address unique challenges underscores our expertise in this field.