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Aluminum Generator Access Platform

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A generator access platform and the steps are important for providing safe, compliant access to the employees who provide maintenance to generators. Platforms and steps typically comply with walking-working surfaces and OSHA regulations for fixed stairways which means that there are several regulations for tread depth, tread width, riser height, platform size, guardrail height, and more.

Rendering of an APEX generator access stairs

A generator access platform requires a guardrail system if the platform is more than 4′ above the ground or lower level. Still, for optimal safety, many employers choose a guardrail system regardless of the platform height. The guardrail system consists of top rails and midrails (or some other intermediate object between the top rail and platform). The top edge of the top rails must be between 39″ and 45″ above the walking surface, while the midrail must be installed at the midpoint between the walking surface and the top edge of the top rail.

Generator Platform OSHA-Compliant Dimensions

Typical OSHA-compliant dimensions for generator steps:

  • 6.5″ riser height
  • 11″ tread depth
  • 38″ tread width
  • 38″ clearance between handrails
  • 36″ handrail height

Read the OSHA regulations for fixed stairways to view all generator access step regulations.

Upside Innovations worked on a project involving two generators that required OSHA-compliant access consisting of platforms and steps. The end-user wanted the two generators to be connected by the platform so that maintenance personnel wouldn’t have to go up and down each generator’s set of steps. Upside designed a custom solution so that employees could access both generators via a continuous platform.

OSHA-compliant access consisting of platforms and steps
OSHA-compliant access consisting of platforms and steps