Tucson Commerce Center loading dock stairs

Tucson Commerce Center dock steps

At the Tucson Commerce Center, these are three of the 28 Dock Step installations. With our prefabricated design, installation took just an hour per unit—a stark contrast to the half-day for conventional stairs. This efficiency, combined with a $2,000 saving per stair, amounted to a total saving of $56,000.

When Flint Development, a Kansas City-based firm, took on the Tucson Commerce Center project, they faced a choice between traditional galvanized steel stairs and Upside Innovations’ Dock Step. Steve Harder, the Project Manager, was initially skeptical about the Dock Step's sturdiness given its aluminum construction. However, the cost-saving potential, to the tune of $56,000 for the entire project, was too significant to ignore. Not only did the Dock Step prove to be cost-effective, but it also boasted rapid installation times, with units being set up in just an hour. This was a stark contrast to the multiple days needed for traditional installations. Despite initial reservations, Harder found the Dock Step to be unexpectedly sturdy, with an installation finish superior to those with exposed welds. An added advantage was the modular nature of the Dock Step, allowing for easy part replacements without needing to replace the entire unit. In the face of convention, the Dock Step emerged as the clear superior choice for dock stairs, blending efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and durability.

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DOCK Steps

Our warehouse and loading dock steps are the perfect lightweight, heavy-duty solution for your loading dock. Because DOCK Step is prefabricated [Stair Specs] and modular, it bolts together in about an hour.

loading dock stairs

We manufacture industrial loading dock stairs for warehouses and distribution centers that will never rust, warp, or rot. Our products are always compliant so that employees can safely enter and exit the loading dock area.

Modular dock steps, landings, legs, and handrails bolt together without any on-site welding. Because of this, dock steps can be adjusted, reconfigured, and even relocated.

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