Crossover stairs over conveyor

Crossover Metal Stairs for Industrial Applications

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Crossover Stair

Crossover metal stairs have at least two sets of stairs that are connected by one or more platforms and are designed to allow employees to safely travel up and over physical barriers in the workplace. Without stairs that provide access over the barriers, employees could be injured if they try to climb over or crawl under the object. The crossover stairs must comply with OSHA regulations to ensure that employees will not fall.

Aluminum is the most common material used for crossover steps because it is lightweight yet strong, and it won’t rust in a wet or humid environment. Steel is sometimes used, but it will rust, it is more expensive, and it’s bulkier than aluminum.

Crossover metals stairs commonly provide access over barriers such as conveyor belts, industrial pipes and ducts, and walls that don’t extend all the way to the ceiling. There are a variety of common crossover stair layouts that can accommodate a variety of barrier sizes, locations, and configurations.

Simplified Crossover Layouts:

crossover metal stairs layout
crossover metal stairs layout
Crossover metal stairs layout
Crossover metal stairs layout
Crossover metal stairs layout

The C-shape layout below was designed to help employees cross over a conveyor belt that moved materials through a small opening and into another room. The crossover platform was designed to be high enough to give enough clearance underneath so that the materials could still fit through the opening.

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This is the final set of crossover metal stairs installed to give access over the conveyor belt. The step risers are of equal heights, and guardrails are provided for fall-protection.

Upside Innovations will custom design a set of crossover metal stairs to meet your specifications whereas many suppliers offer a standard product that may not fit your unique application. The Upside Crossover Steps can utilize either a Grip Strut walking surface or an extruded, aluminum decking. Grip Strut is more of an aggressive tread with holes in the surface, and extruded decking is a solid surface with little raised strips for traction.