Upside Employees Lining Up at Foodtruck

Celebrating two years without a lost time accident

Upside Innovations’ team celebrates two years since a lost-time accident

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WEST CHESTER, OH (October 5, 2022) – Upside Innovation celebrated 2-years without a lost-time accident last week by bringing in J’s Fish Taco truck for a luncheon at our West Chester, OH headquarters on October 5th. This milestone comes after significant focus by the team on accident prevention. We have driven a safety culture by identifying and highlighting “Good Safety Catches” from all levels within the organization.

Our “Good Catch” program has grown over the last few months and works by encouraging employees to identify and acknowledge safe acts from coworkers, and address potential safety hazards as they are noticed and before they can cause an injury. Safety and prior day good catches lead the discussion at our daily lean daily management meetings every morning. This laser focus has created an environment where an employee sees something and immediately does something to reduce the risk.

We look forward to embarking on our third year without a lost-time accident and believe this will be possible with continued focus on keeping an eye out for each other, commending each other on good safe practices, and taking action on identified hazards.

Upside Innovations is a SixAxis portfolio company.