We are a team of welders, designers, buyers, truck drivers, marketers, educators, salespeople, and installers. Since every situation is unique, the Upside Team works together from start to finish in order to exceed your expectations and never compromises on perfection.  Feel free to reach out to any of our team members listed below.

The Upside Team

  • Kevin Sharp
    Kevin Sharp President
  • Bill Carroll
    Bill Carroll Director of Sales
  • Billy Lippert
    Billy Lippert Access Solutions Advisor
  • Rick Hofer
    Rick Hofer Sales Advisor
  • Nick Bishop
    Nick Bishop Access Solutions Advisor
  • Amy Gogul
    Amy Gogul Director of Strategic Planning
  • Sena Gadagbui
    Sena Gadagbui Accounting & HR Manager
  • Sean Faller
    Sean Faller Sr. Design Engineer
  • Sarah Powers
    Sarah Powers Marketing Specialist
  • MJ Al Jawa
    MJ Al Jawa Design Engineer
  • John Williams
    John Williams Design Engineer
  • Danny Cornish
    Danny Cornish Shop Lead
  • Tish Carroll
    Tish Carroll Production & Accounting Specialist
  • Chris Gormley
    Chris Gormley Director of Operations
  • Alex Williams
    Alex Williams Accounting Specialist
  • Mike Brennan
    Mike Brennan Director of Service
  • Scott Lape
    Scott Lape Safety Manager

Our core values

In this competitive market, Upside Innovations is differentiating itself by creating a team capable of delivering on bold promises – high quality products, reliable execution and exceptional service. We believe that the market is lacking a winning team who has met the standard of excellence in product design, confident performance and respectful service. It is extremely important to the Upside Team to never compromise on perfection, this is why our relationship with the end user is so important to us – we want to provide them with the best, every time.

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