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Stairs for Mobile Office Trailers

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Our stairs for mobile office trailers are the best option for temporary jobs such as construction sites because they are adjustable. They are unlike other portable stairs in the market because when they adjust, they keep an even height between all treads.

The difference between our stairs and others’:

Our Omni Stairs:

Every tread adjusts at the same time, so there are even step heights.

Stairs for Mobile Office Trailers

Other stairs:

Only the bottom tread adjusts, so it will have a different height than the rest of the treads.

Stairs for Mobile Office Trailers

The stairs are fully adjustable, so they will fit on a range of heights. There are two main benefits of being able to fit multiple door threshold heights:

1) The stairs can be used for other jobs after they are no longer needed on the current site.

2) If the trailer door height is not measured correctly or the ground is sloping, our stairs will still work if the door height is within the range.

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How it works:

The video below demonstrates how the 28″ – 35″ Omni Step works. The stairs have a pivoting riser assembly that can adjust anywhere between two outer limits. Then, simply attach the stair platform to the threshold, hook the step riser onto the platform, and let the steps pivot down to the ground.

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