OMNI Step Render for Mezzanine Access

In-Plant, Modular Office Stairs

In-plant offices are becoming more popular because the modular building industry is growing, and it is becoming easier and cheaper to access modular, in-plant offices. It is common to stack the modular offices on top of each other to save floor space which means that a set of OSHA-compliant steps is required for the upper level. What material do most people use?

It is common to use either aluminum or steel steps because they typically last longer than wood and are quicker to assemble. People used steel more often than aluminum in the past because aluminum was more expensive. Now, steel and aluminum are both in the same price range, so more people are starting to choose aluminum over steel. Aluminum is becoming the more popular choice for three reasons:

1. Lightweight. Aluminum is typically 1/3 the weight of steel. An adjustable, aluminum staircase (shown below) weighs approximately 650 lbs. including the platform. The alternative product made out of steel weighs nearly 2,000 lbs., making it a much more difficult product to handle.

2. Easily installed. Since aluminum is so much lighter than steel, it takes less time and effort to assemble the aluminum staircase. To install heavy, second-story steps made out of steel, people usually opt to rent special equipment to help move the product, which increases the overall installation cost.

3. Corrosion resistant. If the indoor environment is ever exposed to water or experiences humidity, an aluminum staircase will last longer than a steel staircase because aluminum does not rust. Steel can be galvanized, which protects the material from rusting. However, the material is susceptible to rust if the protective layer is scratched or damaged.

Standard, OSHA-Compliant Staircase:

Product Description:
OSHA-compliant, second-story staircase for in-plant, modular offices. It has heavy-duty stringers and optional cross-bracing for added strength which makes this style perfect for permanent applications. This product is made-to-order and must have exact threshold measurements to fit the application.

In-plant office stairs

Adjustable Omni, OHSA-Compliant Staircase:

Product Description:
OSHA-compliant, second-story staircase for in-plant, modular offices. This staircase is adjustable which means that it can work for any threshold height between 8.5′ and 10.5′. It weighs less than the OSHA step featured above, so if the offices are not in a permanent location, the Omni step is the right choice.

Adjustable stairs for in-plant offices