Custom Aluminum Solutions for UMD Ludwig Field Pressbox

As a specialist in crafting high-quality aluminum access solutions, Upside Innovations was thrilled to contribute to the UMD Ludwig Field Pressbox project in College Park, MD. Our expertise was pivotal in ensuring the new pressbox integrated flawlessly with the existing stadium infrastructure.

The Challenge

The University of Maryland sought to construct a new, permanent pressbox for Ludwig Field Stadium. This pressbox, comprising four separate rooms for various users, needed to adhere to strict architectural covenants of the university. The challenge was to make the pressbox appear as an integral part of the existing stadium structure, blending with the campus aesthetics.

Our Contribution

Upside Innovations provided:

  • Aluminum Steps: Designed to match the existing stadium steps, our aluminum steps offered durability and a consistent look.
  • Decks: Our aluminum decks ensured a seamless transition between the new pressbox and the existing stadium structure.
  • Railings: The railings, crafted from aluminum, were not only functional but also aesthetically in tune with the stadium’s existing rails.

These components were crucial in achieving a harmonious blend with the stadium’s brick facade, walkways, and existing bleachers.

The Solution

A cantilever foundation system supported the pressbox atop the existing stadium decking and seats with minimal disturbance. The strategic placement provided optimal field vision. Our aluminum steps, decks, and railings were integrated to give a flawless finish, complementing the pressbox’s unique rooftop design engineered for a substantial live load and media requirements, including a non-slip rooftop walking area and powder-coated handrails with an exterior ladder leading to the rooftop media area.


The UMD Ludwig Field Pressbox project is a testament to Upside Innovations’ ability to deliver custom aluminum solutions that are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. Our work on this project underscores our commitment to quality and precision in meeting the unique needs of our clients.