Any ramp system that is intended for public use must comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). There are many regulations and calculations that go into designing an ADA ramp, but the ramp landing size is commonly miscalculated because the door size, door swing, and ramp approach are often not considered.

ADA Ramp Landing Requirements

  • Landings are required at the top and bottom of each ramp run.
  • Ramp landings cannot have a slope greater than 1:48
  • The ramp landing width should be as wide as the widest ramp run leading to the landing. For example, if you have an 8-foot wide ramp section that leads into a landing and then continues onto a 6-foot wide ramp section, the platform must be at least 8 feet wide.
  • The minimum landing width between handrails is 36 inches.
  • The minimum ramp landing length is 60 inches.
  • If the ramp changes direction at a landing, the landing must have 60 inches clear width and 60 inches clear length. It does not matter if the ramp sections are narrower than 60 inches. If the ramp sections are wider than 60 inches, then the ramp landing must be as wide as the ramp section and at least 60 inches long.
  • When the ramp changes direction at a landing, the handrails cannot intrude on the 60 inches by 60 inches landing area.
  • When the landing is adjacent to a door, it must meet the minimum dimensions as stated above AND the maneuvering clearances depicted below. In summary, the handrails can impede on the minimum landing dimensions, but not the maneuvering clearances.

View our typical ADA ramp layouts that comply with the landing requirements and maneuvering clearances.

Maneuvering Clearances at Doorways

Type of UseMinimum Maneuvering Clearance
Approach DirectionDoor or Gate SidePerpendicular to DoorwayParallel to Doorway (beyond latch side unless noted)
From frontPull60 inches18 inches
From frontPush48 inches0 inches 1
From hinge sidePull60 inches36 inches
From hinge sidePull54 inches42 inches
From hinge sidePush42 inches 222 inches 3
From latch sidePull48 inches 424 inches
From latch sidePush42 inches 424 inches

1 . Add 12 inches if closer and latch are provided.
2 . Add 6 inches if closer and latch are provided.
3 . Beyond hinge side.
4 . Add 6 inches if closer is provided.
Source: 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design

*The term ‘approach’ means that the ramp run is angled upwards onto the platform from either the latch, front, or hinge side of the door.

Ramp landing approaches

Our Recommended ADA Ramp Landing Sizes for Doorways

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