Upside believes in managing the entire life of a project.  This is not an easy business, but we feel that by managing from upfront definition all the way through installation, we can deliver the best solution for our customers.

How we do it


The Upside engineering and sales team will work with you in defining your site requirements and subsequent needs.  Getting us involved up front helps the project go much smoother as we can provide you with ways to keep the overall costs down based on how you set your buildings to accept the proper access system.

A quotation is typically completed within 24 hours of the request coming in.  You will receive a professional looking quote with links to installation instructions, credit applications, and other frequently asked questions.



Once we have the go ahead on a project, our engineers will create the drawing package for your sign-off.  If the project includes a custom step, our team will design the product in 3-D CAD and will provide you with a series of drawings for review.  Engineering calculations can be included when required.

Once the design or ramp layout drawing is approved, our shop will begin moving forward with fabrication.



Our engineers provide production fabrication drawings to our production team as we start building your product.  Material moves pretty quickly through our machining area and is staged for welding.

Our welders are all trained in the Upside methodology of welding.  We have spent much time determining the best welder settings to create a high quality weld based on the base metals we are connecting.  This excruciating detail guarantees that we deliver a high quality product every time.



When you receive your product, whether from a third-party freight company or from one of our installation teams, you will receive everything needed to get access to your facility.

Our professional installers understand and believe in our core truth that we will be easy to do business with.  They will work efficiently around your schedule and we are confident that you will be shocked at the speed in which our employees can perform their job.


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