It is more than just a ramp to Upside Innovations’ President, Kevin Sharp. After seeing his grandfather disabled by polio constantly struggle to gain access to everyday places, the product Kevin would use to launch the Upside business became clear.  In 2009, he launched Upside Innovations with a dream to build a better aluminum ramp system.  Since the beginning, Upside’s focus has been to fill a gap in the market by providing a high quality, attractive ramp system, while providing world-class service to our industry.

In the years since Upside was formed, we have learned many important lessons.  Most importantly, we accept our faults and correct them without hesitation, and we take on our customers’ issues as if they were our own.  These core truths have pushed us into the company we are today.  Our best salespeople are the customers who have experienced our service first-hand.  We have taken great effort in building this reputation and understand that it can crumble in a second if we do not continue to hold central our core truths.

“Most importantly, we accept our own faults and correct them without hesitation, and we take on our customers issues as if they were our own.”

We recognize that you have many choices when finding the right company to work with on your next project.  We encourage you to contact other companies, talk to them about their core values, ask them to tell you stories when they met those standards and when they failed and how they responded.  Then give us a call and ask us the same questions.  We are confident that you will be impressed with our candor and most importantly the stories that have made our company what it is today.

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